A number of you will already have heard of the sad death of Mike (Mick) Shaw. He died in a local hospice after battling a brain tumour for several months. Mike will always be remembered for his infectious smile and grin, and his friendly personality to all he met at the club, especially with his fellow Solo sailors.

Mike however was much more than a nice guy. He was born and lived in Chichester for most of his life. He was an accomplished musician and in the early 80's played professionally in Germany. More recently he frequently performed with his band in local pubs and clubs. As well as being a talented singer and guitarist he composed music and produced CD's. He chose not to be a full time musician and had a successful career as a maths teacher.

For most of his life his main water based pastime was windsurfing which he and his wife Jane were able to enjoy at their house in Spain as well as here at home. Mike joined DQSC in 2013 at which time he claimed not be interested in racing. Within a few months he was an avid competitor and did not take long to find his way towards the front of the Solo fleet. In the last 18 months he also joined the ranks of the DQSC Sailors on Bikes group to which he brought his usual enthusiasm. Many in the group saw, at first hand his condition decline despite his determination to fight this illness.

One of his notable characteristics was his attention to detail. His mountain bike, like his boat and the rest of his kit was always immaculately maintained much to the embarrassment of the rest of the group. Mike had a great sense of humour and rarely got upset or angry, although he might react to you running into his boat!. He will be greatly missed



No flowers please, instead donations to St Winifreds through this link please: