Sailing at Dell Quay ("Stay Alert")

  1. General – over the bank holiday weekend the quay was busy!  Please remember the clubhouse, changing rooms, balcony and pontoon should be considered closed and accessed only as strictly necessary to enable members to sail and enjoy other permitted water sports. We will endeavour to replenish soap at the usual rate but recommend that you bring and use your own soap/sanitiser wherever possible.
  2. Hose  - We’ve revised guidance to allow use of the hose for washing down boats.   If you use the hose, please clean it for the next member (using your own soap) and return it to the shed so that it cannot be used by the general public.
  3. Pontoon/Balcony – again, we ask that they be used only to the amount necessary to enable sailing/water sports.  Over the bank holiday there were a lot of people on the pontoon who were not members.  It is not a public pontoon and members are free to ask people (politely) to leave.  But obviously only if safe to do so!  Last weekend one member contacted the police and Harbour Master due to concerns about the behaviour of some members of the public who appeared drunk.  Contacting the authorities is exactly the right thing to do if you are concerned.


Lift In

The lift in was postponed from the original date of 28 March due to the lockdown, but the GC have been planning for potential future dates where we might be able to safely get the boats back into the water.

We have decided that we will go ahead with lift in on Sunday 7th June. This was not an easy decision; the protection of our members and our volunteers is paramount, but having considered a number of options, we have concluded that there is a safe way of managing the lift so that those who would like to be afloat can be.  However, this will not be a lift in as we have previously known it:  the clubhouse will not be open and there will be no galley service; the lift in crew will be at a minimum and owners will only be able to come onto the quay once their boat has been lifted.  So first of all, I would ask you please do not come to the Club to watch or help; we need to minimise the number of people in attendance.  

Secondly, we will not be requiring members to have their boat lifted in; we have spoken to each member with a boat on the quay and only those who wish to be lifted in will be put in the water.  Its really important that that in the current circumstances we respect the choice of those members who do not want to be lifted, whether that be due to concerns for their own health, for the health of a dependent, or for any other reason.


Dinghy Berthing on the Quay

The partial cruiser lift means that space for dinghies on the quay will be limited this year.  We will be trying to consolidate the remaining cruisers where we can, but there will inevitably be fewer spaces.  I would ask for the forbearance of those who have been allocated quay berths; Graham Causer will be in touch once we know what space we have.
This will have a knock on effect in the dinghy park, where we will now have more boats than normal during the sailing season.  Which leads me to my final request at this time: that members with boats in the dinghy park accept some disruption this year as we try and manage that situation, the dinghy park may look a bit more chaotic than we are used to.  We will of course do all we can to keep the disruption to a minimum


Duties and Club Events

Duty Suspension - In the last GC update (April meeting) we explained that we are cancelling all duties during lock down.   Once the Club is able to return to activities, Duty Man will ask for members to re volunteer.  Depending on the applicable restrictions, some members may be precluded from undertaking a duty and it is for this reason that we have ‘wiped the slate clean’ for the year.    It does not necessarily mean that every Club event is postponed or cancelled.  Apologies for any confusion!
Indeed, the GC is reviewing forthcoming events month by month.  Other than for Junior Week, where we have taken the decision to cancel and informed those affected separately, no decisions have been made in relation to events from July onwards as they depend on the level of restrictions imposed.