June/July Update from the General Committee

Dear members,

There’s a wide range of items on this month’s GC update.

Items include:

  • Additional Covid 19 measures (creation of a specialist ‘Covid team’, some thoughts on a Covid AGM and other initiatives),
  • Rowing,
  • Lift in,
  • Dinghy park condition & Security
  • Projects’ status

As restrictions begin to be lifted, my commitment, and that of your GC, is that the Club does as much as we can, safely, within the government and RYA guidance. 

Return to Dinghy Racing - In the spirit of doing as much as we can safely, I’m delighted to be able to say that following two test events and a significant amount of effort in producing the necessary documentation, the General Committee tonight (29 June) signed off the Sailing Committee’s proposal for a return to some dinghy racing out of committee.  Given the restrictions, racing will not be to the extent possible before the crisis, but it is an important start and I want to thank the Sailing Committee in general and our Principle Race Officer Will Parrett in particular for their diligence in agreeing a way forward.

Victoria’s Fleet - I hope this is just the start and the GC are now working with the Victoria Class to understand how they might also be able to return safely to racing their model yachts.  To be successful, this will require giving the fleet exclusive use of the pontoon and balcony on the occasions that they race and I would ask for Members’ understanding that without this in place, there is no way of them meeting the social distancing requirements and therefore no way of them sailing.  We will hopefully be notifying you soon of a test event.

Use of the balcony, pontoon and other facilities at the Club - please be considerate and ensure that your presence is strictly limited to that necessary to participate in water sports at the club. If you are going paddle boarding or windsurfing, please rig and de-rig the boards etc. away from the balcony and pontoon and preferably launch from the north or south hard.  Remember the changing rooms are still not in use, so you’ll need to arrive changed or change elsewhere, such as in your car.  We want to make sure that all members have some opportunity to use the balcony and pontoon safely which means minimising the amount of time spent there with equipment.

Parking on the quay – the Club has one disabled bay on the quay.  Other than that, cars should only be parked on the quay for loading/unloading and then removed to the dinghy park or the lane.

Use of the hose - The use of the hose has proved controversial in some quarters.  The General Committee remains of the view that it’s use is important to many members, particularly those with wooden boats.  Again, please wash your hands before and after use and please return the hose to the shed after use – for your convenience there is sanitiser right where the hose is stored.  We don’t want it to be used by members of the public and we don’t want to lose it!
Once again, thank you for your ongoing support.


  1. Covid 19.
    Some new developments:

    Sanitiser  – You might have noticed the (very substantial) bottles of sanitizer located around the club.  There is now a bottle at the entrance to the main building, the black shed, workshop, race box and toilets.  Washing your hands and sanitising remains one of the main defenses against infection.  We hope this has made it that bit easier for members.

    Creation of a Covid Team - The government guidance and that of the RYA will continue to evolve over the summer, with the first changes coming on 4th July.  This will inevitably increase the amount of effort required to consider all aspects of Club activity and what can be achieved to manage our risks.  To date, the GC has dealt with the many issues arising from the pandemic but to support ongoing changes, the GC have created a ‘Covid Team’.  The team will keep our current protection measures under review, propose changes that would support increased club usage and support other Committees who wish to make changes.  They will provide the GC, SC and HC with advice based on this work that will help the all the committees in their decision making.  Currently the team is Piers Chamberlain and Hilary Sparkes, and I’d like to thank them on your behalf for putting themselves forward.  If you have professional or practical knowledge of dealing with Covid-19 protection and would like to be part of this team, please do get in touch with Piers directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

    A Covid 19 AGM – it’s possible that, like many companies, we will not be able to permit members to attend the AGM due to restrictions on gatherings.  Other companies are conducting meetings either entirely electronically or as a hybrid.  Our articles and by laws do not permit anything other than a physical meeting. We are looking at proposals which will mean that members can have their say even if not attending the meeting. These include use of a proxy vote and advance written questions.  We’re also looking at amending the articles and by laws to permit virtual and/or hybrid meetings in future.  We see all of these measures as making participation easier for members, pandemic or no pandemic.

  2. Rowing
    Construction of the rowing boat is nearing completion.   Hopefully it will be ready for collection towards the end of July.  Restrictions permitting, there is a team ready and willing to make the trek to Wales to collect it.  
    Fund raising has been stymied by the pandemic.  The GC and the rowing committee remain confident that it will kick start again once the boat is on the water.  It will be a great addition to the offering of the club.

  3. Lift in
    Lift in was successful, safe and ran very smoothly.  The team performed exceptionally well, as always led by Piers Chamberlain.  The crane driver was very complementary of the professional way the lift was organised.  Some shuffling of the cruisers remaining on the quay maximised the space for dinghies.  The lack of galley, bar, and observers made it a quieter affair than usual, and the team hope that lift out will bring back some of the normal atmosphere!

  4. Dinghy Park Condition & Security
    It’s fair to say that the dinghy park isn’t in the best of shape right now.  This has been an exceptional year with lockdown meaning no one was able to come to the Club for a number of weeks and even now some members feeling unsafe in doing so.  In addition, the ‘Fridays on the Quay’ team have also been unable to attend due to the Covid restrictions and do the work that we have become used to and are so grateful for.  So, I have a couple of requests:  firstly, if you are mowing/strimming your bay, please take a little more time and do the communal area that your boat is in.  Also, if you find old tyres or other items that need to be removed from the dinghy park, we would be really grateful if you would move them to the far end of the dinghy park, by the entrance to the extension.  This makes it much easier to dispose of.  If we can all contribute a little, then everyone will gain.
    Security is a perennial problem, but please do shut and lock the gate behind you while you are in the dinghy park, taking appropriate precautions regarding Covid-19 transmission when handling the gate and lock.

  5. Projects
    Most projects are on hold to manage cashflow during the current uncertainty, however the GC continue to work on a replacement for our main software system, Medusa, which will not be available after November 2020.