DQSC Rowing Boat Use – Terms & Conditions

DQSC is now the proud owner of a Celtic Longboat, so rowing is another activity in which members of the club are welcome to join.

If you want to know how you can get involved it is important that you read all the Terms and Conditions below but here is a very quick introduction.

  • The best starting point is to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and say that you are interested. You will then be added to the rowing group and, if you wish, the Rowing WhatsApp group. The Rowing WhatsApp group is a good place for you to get any general information and messages from other club rowers so you will develop a feel for what is going on in the rowing community.

  • If you then WANT TO GET A ROW the best place to look is the calendar on the website. Here you will see any planned rowing outings. Those in GREEN are FULLY CREWED and any in RED are LOOKING FOR ADDITIONAL CREW. Just click on the calendar entry and you will see who is the approved cox for that outing. Then go to the Approved Coxswain tab under Rowing and find the contact information for that person. Contact them and, hey presto, you could be in the crew.

  • If you would like to row on a day when there is no planned outing, then you could instigate one by contacting an approved coxswain and asking them if they can cox on that day. They can then book the session and between you, you can recruit a crew. Once booked this session will appear on the calendar.

Now please read the T’s & C’s below, and also follow the links and read the other related documents.

  1. The Rowing Boat can only be booked by a DQSC Approved Coxswain (AC).  It can only go on the water with an AC in control. Should an AC not be available for any reason the boat cannot be used.

  2. The AC and Rowers must follow the instructions detailed in the DQSC Club Rowing Boat Operating Policy document at all times.

  3. The AC and Rowers must observe the rules and responsibilities as laid out in the DQSC Safety On The Water Policy document.

  4. Booking Process
    Typically, the boat will be booked in two hour slots for use inside the harbour. If any group wish to attend a rally or event organised by another club in the harbour or to take the boat into the Solent then approval must be sought first from the Sailing Committee.
    1. Only a DQSC Approved Coxwain may make a booking using the existing booking process on the DQSC website.  Two sessions per day are available, Long Boat Session1 and Long Boat Session2.
    2. Long Boat Session1 is for the two hours before high tide, Long Boat Session2 is for the 2 hours immediately after high tide.
    3. The AC should select the date and session(s) required.
    4. A booking may be made by the AC in anticipation of finding a crew or after a crew has been formed.
    5. If the AC knows the crew member names they should be inserted into the booking comment section. If the crew names are not available at the time of booking, when known they must be supplied with the date and rowing session name by emailing them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in advance of the booking.  This is so that Rower pre-payment can be managed.
    6. Once a booking is completed the AC will receive a confirmation email and the Rowing Co-Ordinator will also be informed.

  5. Payment Process
    If a club member wishes to form a crew and use the Rowing Boat then they must find a DQSC Approved Coxwain to join the group and make the booking on their behalf.Crew members must be at least fourteen years old.
    1. The standard cost per Rower is £5 per session.
    2. Rowers that do not have a pre-paid balance will be prompted by email for payment in advance of the rowing session.
    3. Rowers that do have a pre-paid balance will be advised by email what amount (if any) has been deducted from their pre-paid balance, and what amount remains of their pre-paid balance.
    4. Payment of a single £5 amount can be made in advance on a “Pay As You Row” basis, or any multiple of £5 credits can be paid for in advance to add to or build a pre-paid balance.
      Available until 31/12/2020, now extended to 01/04/2021 the “10 for 9 deal” - A single payment of £45 will cover 10 rowing sessions, a 10% saving over the standard “Pay As You Row” cost. 
    5. If a payment prior to a session is required it MUST BE MADE AT THE LATEST ONE DAY IN ADVANCE of the rowing session by direct bank transfer to the following account:

      Sort Code: 30-91-97
      Account Number: 02432780
      Please ALWAYS add a Payment Reference of “Rowing

      Once payment is made then email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it advising that you have made a payment, and for what amount.  This will be credited to your balance, and will assist in the regular reconciliation against bank statements.
    6. Single “Pay As You Row” £5 payments will be applied to the earliest rowing session booked for that Rower.
    7. If a rowing session is cancelled for any reason, any £5 paid or taken from a pre-paid balance will be credited against the next session the Rower goes out.

      Note that if any Rower fees are not paid in advance of a rowing session, the club will not allow the boat to be used for that session.  The Approved Coxswain will be advised that session cannot go ahead.  Any Rower payments already made will be credited against the next session attended.


Go to Booking  But only if you are an Approved Coxswain