Approved Longboat Coxswains.


See the Terms and Conditions for using the Dell Quay Longboat.

The Longboat cannot be used without an approved Coxswain and only the Coxswain are allowed to book out the longboat, so in order to get a row organised you should:

  1. Check the Calendar to see if there is a "ROWING" outing planned on the day/time you wanted to row.
  2. Check whether the crew is already complete or not, if not then contact the coxswain running that outing, see above, to ask if you can join the crew.
  3. If there is no planned outing, contact a coxswain of your choice to see if they are available when you would like to row. Repeat until you find a Coxswain available.

Depending on an individual's privacy preferences, contact may be made via WhatsApp or contact details may be found in either Dutyman or the DQSC Yearbook.


Andy Buchanan
Nikki Buchanan
Nicholas Atkins Chris White
Mike Dicker Julie White
Mike Gilbert Peter Binning
Rex Binning Juliette Binning
Iain Campbell Andy Morley
Liz Pendry Steve Forrest
Steve Potter Richard Bland
Steve Foden Martin Moss
John Rogerson Alex Wilburn
Carol Morley Piers Rowlandson
Jon Wilburn B Byrne
Martin Bartholomew