What does ‘The Rule of Six’ (14th September changes) mean for Dell Quay?

  1. Summary

    The main changes are:Galley and bar
    1. The ‘6 people limit’ - if you meet up in a group of more than 6 (or accidentally form one when you are at the club!) you increase the likelihood of spreading the virus and you may be fined;
    2. track and trace (the log and QR code) are now legally required.
      This applies to all parts of the club, not just the club house.

    These apply to all activities at the club.

    A reminder of the key measures for staying safe.

    • HANDS - use hand sanitizer
    • FACE - use face masks when in closed spaces (club house, black shed, loos etc)
    • SIX - ensure you respect the ‘no more than 6 people to meet’ rule;
    • SPACE - ensure you respect the social distancing requirements (2m where ever possible and 1m with mitigations)
    • TRACK AND TRACE - sign in for any use of the club estate, either using the QR code or the book at the main entrance to the clubhouse.

  2. Galley and Bar
    No change. From time to time to support suitable events the galley and bar will open for a basic ‘take away’ style service. We will be using a ‘one-in-one-out’ system for ordering at the galley and bar. (Thanks to the large windows it is easy to see whether anyone is in the clubhouse ordering from the galley or bar.) The maximum combined number on the balcony and in the clubhouse is 30. Payment will be by card only and meals, if offered, may need to be booked and paid for in advance. Purchases are to be consumed outside. The duty officer and galley will assist with managing the number of people in the clubhouse – so members might receive a polite reminder concerning the key measures for staying safe! Please accept this in the spirit it is intended – to keep members safe and the club open.

  3. Dinghy sailing and racing:
    No change - Dinghy sailing and racing will continue, with racing in accordance with the Covid 19 rules previously developed. Care is to be taken while launching to maintain social distancing. So far, social distancing has been well maintained.

  4. Cruiser, Victorias and Rowers
    No change - There are no additional requirements for these groups. When rowing with members who are not part of your household or bubble, the cox should wear a face mask

  5. Patrol boats.
    The re introduction of patrol boats will continue as planned in a Covid secure manner.

  6. SUPS
    With effect from Saturday 19th September, SUPs will be available for rental. Members should clean the SUP both before and after use.

  7. Changing rooms
    The changing rooms remain closed.

  8. Lift out
    Lift out will proceed in accordance with the risk assessment and plans used for lift in.

  9. The RYA training centre.
    The centre will remain closed.