The provisions of the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act mean that we are able to hold a virtual AGM even though this is not contemplated by our articles.
The main changes will be:
Voting for the various proposals will be by proxy only; so you need to vote in advance of the meeting. Instructions on how to do this will be included in the AGM papers.   
The GC has limited the proposals to be put to the members and has provided advance information about them because it was anticipated that it would be an unusual format for the AGM.
‘Attending’ the AGM will be by Zoom only – again a link will be provided with the AGM papers.  Members will be muted throughout the meeting (other than for questions) and will be asked to switch off their videos.  This should improve the quality of the call.
Questions should be in writing in advance.  Even absent Covid, the GC considers this will aid better answers to questions.  In the context of what might be a very large zoom call, it will be enormously helpful to the process.   
Registering as a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) has financial benefits for the club, primarily the exemption form business rates.  There are however various pre conditions which the club would need to meet in order to benefit from it.  Most of these would be achievable by the club but a few pose some challenges.  In addition, it would require both the ‘buy in’ of members and changes to the articles and bye laws.
Currently the government is consulting on a business rates.  The GC decided that it would not take any further action in relation to registering as a CASC pending the progress of those reforms.  It will be re visited in April next year.
There was also some reluctance at the GC to put becoming a CASC to members this year because of the absence of a ‘face-to-face’ AGM.
Finance Policy  
The GC have agreed the start of a new policy that will create a ring-fenced fund for long-term saving towards replacement of infrastructure, primarily the club buildings.  The policy currently agreed will provide for annual savings of £4000 or 20% of income over expenditure before depreciation and deferred income; the £4000 minimum to increase with inflation and the policy to run for five years until first review.  This is just the first step; before Christmas we will also consider a sensible lump sum from our current savings to kick-start this important part of looking to the Club’s future.  This fund will be there to support future generations of members to finance larger projects, such as replacement of the balcony and pontoon, and club buildings.
Web Cams
The cruiser committee has proposed replacing the old web cams so that there will be views up and down the harbour available via the web site.  There are some privacy and GDPR issues to be managed, but the GC has agreed in principle to the purchase and installation of web cams.  
The old web cams were very popular with members and at the time were the most frequently visited part of the website.  We hope their re-introduction will be welcomed by members.