November GC Update

Covid update.

Since the GC meeting last Monday, the government has announced that West Sussex will be in Tier 2 restrictions following the current lockdown. Full details of the tiers can be found here:

For Dell Quay, this means that sailing is back on and the dinghy park will re-open. Buildings (other than the changing rooms) will also open. Access is only in accordance with the rules and guidance set out by the government, notably: there is no mixing of households/bubbles indoors. The ‘rule of six’ applies outdoors as do the requirements for social distancing etc (Hands, Face, Space).

The Frostbite will continue from 5th December. The Club is asking for volunteers for RO, ARO/DO and helms and crews for the patrol boats. If you are able to help, please use duty man to confirm your availability. Due to the prohibition on mixing of households indoors, either the RO will operate alone or with an ARO from the same household or bubble. The House Committee is covering the galley.

GC Update

Back to the GC meeting - we spent a good chunk of the zoom meeting looking at the financial strategy for the club going forward. While some good building blocks were agreed, there is more work to be done before the strategy is complete.

This meeting was also hot on the heels of the 2020 AGM, so we had a short de-brief.

The main highlights (and some housekeeping points)-

  1. AGM. There’s a brief summary of the ‘virtual’ AGM below, including the winner of the Clubman trophy.
  2. Systems. If you have received an email from the Club regarding the change to Sailing Club Manager, please do log in to create an account in the new system. (Emails have been sent to the primary member from each membership only).
  3. Renewals. These are being emailed out a little earlier than usual – this is because of the changeover to Sailing Club Manager.
  4. Duties. As there may be members unable to undertake duties, we’re asking members consider doing an extra duty (or two!) for the remainder of this year and into next. The most urgent is the need for volunteers for the Frostbite (resuming on 5th December).

Summary of AGM

All of the proposed resolutions were passed (approval of minutes, receipt of accounts, amendments to club rules for proxy voting, virtual meetings and the change of the accounting reference date to 31st December as well as the election of the various officers and committee members).

Some new committee members were elected: Andrew Cutler to House Committee, Chris Sprules to the Cruiser Committee and Mike Dicker to Sailing Committee.

The Clubman trophy was awarded to Bill Freshwater for his excellent work specifically as the ‘Workshop Tzar’ for the last 3 years, but also for all the other additional work Bill has contributed. At the AGM, our Commodore Ben Alcott said:

“This year’s winner of the Clubman Trophy is one of those amazing people, who when the say they’ll do something, just quietly get on and do it and always do it to the very best standard they can.

For all of us who in previous years have felt frustrated at not finding what we wanted in the workshop or have had to climb over all sorts of bits and pieces to get to what we want, the work of Bill Freshwater as our ‘Workshop Tzar’ over the last three years has been a revelation. And it hasn’t just been the occasional visit; Bill has admitted to me that he’s been there at least once a week, every week, to keep it in the condition it is in.

I can certainly say that it has been a rare experience indeed when I’ve been down there to do anything, that Bill hasn’t already been there and, of course, the very first thing Bill does is offer to stop what he’s doing in order to help you.”

Bill has moved away from the area this week, but his boat is in Sophie’s boatyard and he will be back at some point next year to collect it, so we hope we’ll be able to then be able to at least have him and the trophy in the same place and celebrate with him then.

One of the ‘action points’ arising from the AGM was publication of the survey of the various buildings undertaken last year. This is now available on the website. There were two requests for help: the search for someone with editing expertise to help with Quay News and if anyone has any data concerning the efficacy (or not) of CCTV in crime prevention.

Some ‘statistics’ on the virtual aspects - 47 members voted electronically in advance of the meeting (and many thanks to members for voting); there were 29 ‘zoom connections’ so somewhere between 29 and 50’ish people attended. This is less than the usual 60 or so at the physical AGM. Five members sent in questions in advance of the meeting (and again, thanks to those members).

On a personal note, this was my first AGM as ‘honorary secretary’. I was very pleased that we were able to hold an AGM, albeit only virtually. The changes to the club’s articles and by laws have put us in a good position for the future. The questions in advance worked well. I suspect a combination of Zoom Fatigue and a non-controversial agenda influenced attendance.

What I felt we missed however was the social aspect – the lunch and possibly even more important, the informal exchange of ideas and news which normally takes place before and after the formal business of the AGM.

Let's hope we can return to something more than just a virtual AGM in 2021.

Best wishes,
Anita Fulton





Emsworth Sailing Club are finalists in RYA Club of the Year, nominated for Sustainability.  Emsworth are a brilliant Club and it would be great if they won, not just for them, but for the whole harbour!  You can cast your vote here.  All the Clubs in the harbour supported our bid to win two years ago, it would be fantastic to return the favour.