January 2021 Update
Despite the disappointing start of ‘Lockdown 3’ as we entered 2021, we would like to wish all members a happy and safe new year. As always, the various committees and volunteers are busy behind the scenes keeping the Dell Quay wheels turning with a keen eye on getting ready to get back out on the water at the earliest opportunity.

This year, we’ll endeavour to include news from all committees in the monthly GC update.  Hopefully this will give you a fuller picture of what is happening in running the club.

This update covers:
From the GC – some information about volunteering at Dell Quay, and surfers and sewage!
From the Sailing Committee – some new members and subgroups in the Sailing Committee, a virtual prize giving planned for 6th February and a reminder about virtual refresher training, plus some rowing news.
From the Cruiser Committee – a reminder about the Victoria on-line taster session this Friday 29th January and some information about lift in, which is postponed to 29th April.
From the House Committee – virtual social plans for the next few months.
Details follow:
1.    General Committee.
Volunteering in 2021  - As there are so many variables affecting people’s ability to volunteer for duties (e.g personal health, the nature of Covid restrictions, including on travel) we won’t be publishing the full year’s duty schedule in one go.  Instead, when we are able to return to the water, there will be a rolling 2-month list of duties, updated every week.

Volunteering for duties and other roles will be a critical part of ‘waking up’ Dell Quay and bringing life back into the club. It is also a way for members to reignite their involvement in the club, get out on the water and be part of our community.  So please do come and join us as soon as we are able to open up club activities! On a practical note, volunteering in households and bubbles (e.g patrol boat and crew, galley and bar, PROs and AROs) is particularly helpful to reduce social contacts.
Surfers and Sewage?  At the GC meeting it was agreed that Dell Quay would join the ‘Surfers Against Sewage 250 Club'.   Membership is an opportunity to support this established charity which campaigns for improved water and beach quality around the UK.   This supports Dell Quay’s drive to improve our environmental performance.
Our corporate membership (a £250 annual donation) helps fund SAS projects, education programmes, beach cleans and campaigns to protect the marine environment, especially from the current plastic pollution crisis.  SAS will display our logo on their website and we can use the '250 Club' logo on our website and social media. We also get access to the 250 Club closed Facebook group, where we can liaise with other 250 Club members.

Association with SAS will give us access to new resources to support our local environment, further demonstrate our commitment to cleaner seas and beaches in the UK and give us new ways to highlight this commitment to the community, including our members.
At the time of writing there are no sailing clubs who are in the 250 Club; so we could be the first!  We hope to encourage other clubs within the harbour to support this worthy charity.

For more information see  https://www.sas.org.uk/
2.    Sailing Committee.  

New people and groups - the Sailing Committee has been busy gearing up for 2021.  It has established junior, racing and paddle board sub groups and is looking to combine BOB, WOW and dinghy cruising.  Ken Baker and Will Parrett will share the role of Principal Race Officer, and Roger Puttock has been elected as captain of the ever-popular Solo class.  Andrew and Carole Morley are joint junior leads and Harvey Hilary is junior racing co-ordinator.  As announced last year, Sue Manning is the Handicap class captain and Shaun Pollard is class captain for the Fireflies.

Virtual Prize giving – and where there is racing, there are prizes! Watch out for the E-news for our virtual prize giving (all welcome – evening of 6th Feb) including the ever popular ‘Dell Quay Duck’ awards.  

Refresher patrol boat training – a reminder that Andy Morley and the training team have put together a series of on-line refresher courses for patrol boat helms and crews.  The first two are on Wednesday 3rd February:

Personal PPE and equipment  
carried by Safety Boat
Pre-Start Checks
Man Overboard Recovery (head to  
wind method plus beam drift)

Courses will run each Wednesday evening during February.  

Rowing – although the boat has been out of action due to Covid, it was reported at the GC that there had been 50 bookings since its arrival late last August, which is a very good start to its Dell Quay career!  Work is underway to revise some of the policies in relation to the rowing boat including permitting 11-year old's plus to row. The Sailing Committee hopes to publish the revised policy shortly.  In addition, the discount for block booking (‘10 rows for the price of 9!’) has been extended until April 1.
3.    Cruiser Committee

Lift in – in view of current Covid restrictions it was agreed with the GC that lift in be delayed from 28th March to Thursday 29th April (HW 14.26).  Piers Chamberlain will be in touch with those cruisers involved in the lift in.  The new date is of course subject to any applicable Covid restrictions.  
Victoria’s taster session Friday 29th January – if you would like to know more about the Victoria class, do join the taster session on Friday 29th January by emailing here. The session is open to any members who are interested in learning more about the group and the boats, those interested in more technical issues on building the boats, as well as those who already have a boat but would like to talk through problems they have.
4.    House Committee
Quiz night 23rd January - was well attended by about 18 families.  Greg and Lawrence Kies devised and hosted a wonderful quiz covering some fun areas. It included teams creating a sketch of a boat (in 30 seconds!) to be identified by Greg and Lawrence.   
The Potters out gunned most by scoring 41 points.    Avril Sargeant nearly helped us all to victory by forgetting to switch to mute (so we heard her answers!).  And Vivienne Kies also nearly gave the game away – she was off screen but in earshot of the hosts!
It was great to see so many Dell Quay friends, albeit through Zoom.
Plans are developing for a virtual event in each of February and March which will be published both in this update and through enews.