General Committee

1.    Covid update

The great news is that there is now a way forward for a return to the water, albeit in stages and in a Covid secure manner.  The not-so-great news is that there are some unanswered questions, particularly in relation the period between the 8th March and 29th March. As we write, the current regs and government guidance are being amended. In particular, the new lawful reason for leaving home (‘recreation’) is not defined or currently part of the law.  So, it’s a bit of a waiting game. We’ll keep you updated.

Our working assumption is that we will comply with the preexisting guidance – we’ll revise this as and when new guidance or regulations are issued.

We’ve provided more detailed guidance about step 1.  Guidance for the remaining steps will follow closer to their scheduled start dates.

As we return to the water, we will open Duty Man for sign up until the end of May, at which time we hope to have a better idea of the world ‘post June 21’ and the impact on activities at the Club. Please do volunteer as soon as possible for this first phase, and remember that wherever possible, please volunteer in households and bubbles for duties such as patrol boat and RO/ARO.  You can volunteer for duties here

Summary Steps 1-4
Step 1

A) From March 8 – as was the case from the 5th January, the government’s message is ‘Stay at Home’.  People are permitted to leave home for exercise and from 8th March, for ‘recreation’. We don’t yet know what ‘recreation’ includes.  There are no overnight stays, including on boats. On its website, the Harbour Conservancy has only issued changed guidance from 29th March. The dinghy park will be open for the purposes of collecting equipment in order to go sailing for exercise (in line with revised RYA guidance, which states that “personal equipment belonging to an individual should be made accessible”).

At Dell Quay, we will continue with the guidance issued by us on the 5th January which included the following:

Exercise is permitted during the lockdown and it is the RYA understanding that boating is a permitted activity, as long as:

•    you are able to launch and recover your boat from a publicly accessible place
•    you are able to do this without leaving your local area
•    the relevant waterway authorities permit boating, and
•    you do so alone, with members of your household, childcare or support bubble, or you do so with one other person who is not a member of your household respecting social distancing requirements at all times.

As far as working on boats is concerned, current RYA guidance and that from the British Marine & The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) is that general maintenance does not constitute ‘recreation’.  However, the TYHA have also stated that, having consulted with relevant government departments, if a boat owner needs to work on their boat to ensure that it is safe to use (seaworthy) then this is permitted from 8th March.  We suggest you check access with your marina.

Based on this guidance, members will need to decide for themselves whether to work on their boats prior to further relaxation of regulations.   Any works which are undertaken should be done in a Covid secure way, taking sensible precautions.

B) From March 29 – Outdoor organized sport can resume (racing and other club organised water activities). The Harbour Master’s guidance changes at this point (see ).

At Dell Quay, the following changes from March 29:

1.    Club racing can resume in a Covid secure way as adopted last year (previous RYA guidance and club procedures)
2.    Club rowing, including with mixed crews, can occur in accordance with British Rowing Covid guidelines
3.    The balcony will be open. Members will be able to meet on the balcony in groups up to a maximum of 6 people (the Rule of 6) or with one other household, though people from different households will still need to socially distance from each other. The maximum number outside is 30.
4.    Duties required to cover: Duty Officer, Race Officer + ARO and Patrol Boats.
5.    The clubhouse remains closed (although showers will be available for emergency use following capsize).

Note, Easter Weekend is 2 – 5 April

Event Leads need to take note of the restrictions especially NO Changing Rooms (available for capsize), requirement to meet outside so no Race Office for Briefings.
During racing the race office will be limited in numbers to the RO and ARO.

Step 2
From no earlier than 12th April – Cruisers may be able to stay overnight on their boats but it is unlikely that marina facilities (loos and showers) will open; check with your marina. The galley and bar can open for outdoor, table service only.  More details of how this will work will follow closer to the time.   The clubhouse and changing rooms will otherwise remain closed.
Lift in is planned for 29th April and should go ahead under the Covid procedures we used last year.  Our expectation is that everyone will lift in this year.

Step 3
From no earlier than 17th May -  marinas should be able to open facilities; the galley and bar will be able to offer indoor table service and the Clubhouse as well as the changing rooms will be open, to some extent, in a Covid safe manner.

Step 4
From no earlier than 21st June  - Normal service! (We hope!)

2.    Renewals

If you have not received renewal details, please check your email and spam. A higher number of members than usual has not yet replied to reminders....time is running out and we have strong demand for berths so please do make sure you renew.

3.    Opportunities to Volunteer

There are a handful of areas at Dell Quay where we are looking for some additional skills and help.  Please do get in touch if you have any of the relevant skills or are otherwise able to help in anyway (small offers of help welcome!)

Communications and Marketing    The skills we are looking for cover items such as copywriting for Quay News, E News and other news items, fostering links with the local press, helping to build our presence in the community and providing an overview and management of our various social media outlets.  If you have skills in any of these areas and would like to get involved, please contact the GC at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

Environmental Policy Implementation. We are also interested in meeting anyone who has skills or an interest in joining the team pushing forward the Environmental policy adopted by the club.  As a first port of call, please contact Vice Commodore Mark Moranne at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Sailing Committee

1.    Virtual Prize Giving

The Dell Quay racing community came together (virtually) on 6th February to celebrate prize giving for 2020.  About 50 people joined the zoom call.

The theme was very much one of celebrating all racing at Dell Quay, not just the winners.

And there was a lot to celebrate. In 2020, despite lockdowns and other Covid restrictions:

•    About 50% of races were run, some without patrol boats and all with carefully revised rules of racing
•    More families were out racing together
•    A fantastic mix of beginners, seasoned club racers and world champions all sharing the same piece of Chichester Harbour
•    More juniors out racing and an awesome crop of youngsters in their first season
•    The racing community coming together on and off the race course in these difficult times
•    Some fabulous Fleet racing culminating in the DQSC regatta

Running alongside well-deserved trophy winners, were the Dell Quay Duck Awards:

    To Jon Rutter, proud to show off his newfound skills at the helm of his new Firefly, Jon sailed within hailing distance of his family ashore, only to get stuck on the mud with wading the only means of escape. Jon’s excuse? He thinks his centreboard is longer than the other Fireflies.

     To Vice Commodore Mark Moranne who set off earlier this year for East Head in his freshly oiled Firefly, all set for a relaxing day on the beach. He got as far as Longmore, only to capsize, at which point he remembered he had not inflated his buoyancy bags. His biggest annoyance wasn’t missing the beach or failing on the seamanship front but that in the process of swimming his boat to shore his freshly iron hawaiian shirt got soaked right through!

     To Shaun Pollard, sailing along the start line, standing up, looking backwards shouting 'where's Quay?' at another boat, only to find Quay with his bow very shortly after!

    To Steve Holcroft for ramming another boat up the rear – twice!  (Maybe asleep at the helm??)

A full list of winners will appear in the yearbook.

A huge thank you to Shaun Pollard who engineered a wonderful prize giving.

2.    Return to Boating: Patrol/Safety Boat refresher training  

Zoom sessions covering the practical aspects of the type of rescues Patrol/Safety Boat Helms are likely to encounter at DQ ran on Wednesday evenings throughout February.  They were delivered in a blended learning style including the use of short video clips taken from the RYA Safety Boat handbook with commentary and additional detail being provided by DQ Powerboat Instructors Graham Causer, James White and Andy Morley.
At the time of writing, we’ve had between 16 and 32 ‘callers’ join the sessions, which in these days of ‘zoom fatigue’ is very encouraging.   Many of the participating helms were experienced, who’s input made the sessions much more interactive and informative.  Despite the high level of experience, these helms also appeared to get a lot out of the sessions.  A few of our younger helms attended, which is a credit to them as many are spending all of their days on line in virtual education.
A reminder to younger or less experienced helms that Fun Fridays are an opportunity to get back into the patrol boat and practise your skills.  
3.    Your Junior Section needs YOU

YourJuniorSectionNeedsYOUJunior Leads Andy and Carol Morley’s recruitment campaign (‘Your Junior Section Needs YOU’) ran throughout February.   The campaign has gone better than expected and a fantastic 34 members have come forward to offer their support to deliver Dinghy Sailing, Rowing, Canoeing/Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle boarding and Duke of Edinburgh Award Powerboat Skills sessions.  

Other members have volunteered to act as a beach party and assist with the administration.  Amongst the volunteers are some familiar names but what is particularly pleasing to see is that there are some less familiar members coming forward to offer their support.

Work is now underway to allocate volunteers into the various disciplines and to create a rota based upon member availability.   And some of our younger DIs and AIs are part of the team, which we’re sure will make it even more fun for the Juniors at Dell Quay.
We have two members who are former BCU Coaches and several more who have plenty of experience.  We don’t as yet have an in date BCU Coach to lead the canoeing/kayak sessions.  The same issue has been identified with potential SUP leads.  If you have any of these qualifications, it’s not too late to get involved!  It would also be great if we could have a few more sailing instructors as well as qualified coxes.  If you are able to help in these areas or would otherwise like to be part of this junior program, please do email Andy and Carol on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
The next step will be to launch the new programme to the Juniors and to get them involved.  So keep a look out for more news about the Juniors!

4.    And introducing the ‘Thursday Zoom Racing Half Hour’.  

Brought to you by the Sailing Committee’s Race Sub Group and starting Thursday 11 March at 18:00 a bite sized session on a dinghy racing topic presented by one of our own experienced club racing helms. First speaker is Bill Dawber. Designed to prepare us to get back out on the water racing from 29 March, young or old, experienced or not. We hope to offer something for everyone from each class. You’ve survived online with the Vendee and the America’s Cup. Not long now before you can take your own boats out or come along and crew for someone else (Covid rules permitting). It's going to be a great dinghy racing season! See you on 11 March on Zoom. More details very soon.

5.    Finding (the history of) Dell Quay Trophies

If you have not already read Andrew Horne’s article about the history of some of our trophies, it can be found here: [add link].  A huge thank you to Andrew for all his work and to the members who have already been in touch with more information about the trophies.  The sailing committee is particularly interested in information about the history of the President’s Trophy, first awarded in 1934.  If you have any information about it or any other trophies, please contact the sailing committee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

6.    New Rowing and Paddle sports sub group
At the last SC meeting the new Rowing and Paddlesports sub group was officially created, complete with 2 members (so far – it's only come into being in the last few weeks) and its own terms of reference.  This group covers (as the name suggests) stand up paddle boards, rowing and kayaking.  Richard Bland, who has made a huge contribution to the ‘launch’ of the rowing boat, will head up this group.  Mike Dicker has also agreed to be part of the group reporting to the Sailing Committee.

Cruiser Committee

1.    Upcoming rally dates

We are all looking forward to getting our boats in the water and getting back to sailing. We have the usual packed rally programme planned which will be posted on the website as soon as covid restrictions permit.
The first rally we have planned – Covid restrictions permitting - is Tuesday 13th April to Bembridge with rally leader Sue Pearson, and the next is on Saturday 17th April to Portsmouth with Martin Watson as rally leader, so put the dates in your diary and cross all fingers and toes that these rallies can take place.

2.    Lift in

For those people with boats on the Quay, GC decided to postpone lift-in until 29th April in the hope that lockdown restrictions would be lifted before that, so that people could work on their boats prior to lift in.

3.     Security

The Cruiser Committee are obviously concerned about the break ins that occurred at the end of last month to a few of the cruisers on the quay. Although thankfully nothing of significant value was taken and it is a rare occurrence, we are considering how best to deter further break ins. The cruiser committee is investigating options for upgrading the existing CCTV and potentially installing additional lighting.  This is a complex area due to GDPR and privacy issues and we need to ensure the Club is compliant with the law before changes are made, and that any additional lighting is agreed with the Conservancy.  However, the best advice remains to remove all items of value from your boat for the time it is on the quay.   If anyone has any experience or suggestions on security in similar remote locations please be in touch with the cruiser committee – contact details on the DQ website.

Here’s looking forward to a time when we can all meet up again and getting on the water.