April 2021 Club round up    


April has seen the happy return of many activities at the Club – there are some reports in this round up about the various sailing activities that have taken place….which might tempt some of you back out onto the water!

The ‘Sunday Fundays’ are now officially launched, with a terrific video brought to you by the Sunday Funday team.  You can see the video on the website by clicking here or going to the Juniors section of the website, Sunday Funday button.    There’s some more information below about signing up for the first Sunday Funday (9th May) – bookings are now open.

The relaxation of some of the Covid restrictions has been very welcome. As a club we need to continue our vigilance about measures to help contain the virus. One of the most important ones is to remember to sign in (NHS app, DQ’s QR code or in the book – details are below.  This is a legal requirement.

We’ll shortly take the plunge and publish all duties for 2021. The Club cannot function without you volunteering, so please do go to Dutyman and select the dates and duties you wold like to do.  Please volunteer as soon as you can! For complete clarity: it is permissible for mixed households both to crew the patrol boats and to undertake house duties. Guidance is available from the RYA and on our website.

Also in this update: some changes to the racing rules and club boat policies in light of Covid considerations, a reminder about the Solo Open (29th May), information about the New Members’ Evening (8th May) and thank you to some truly ‘Big Hitting Star Volunteers!’


On the Water this month.

Dell Quay Victoria sailors are once again getting used to seeing real people. We have just had our third meeting and, despite a rain shower at the last one, have been blessed with fine weather and good but not strong breezes.
Rustiness had to be quickly dispelled as two of our more experienced Selsey members turned up for the first meeting (Simon and Linda). Fortunately, Peter was able give them some good racing, bagging two firsts. Rob brought two boats down to be safe but this was obviously too many to maintain properly and had gear failure in all but one of the six races.
Second time out Simon and Linda were otherwise engaged leaving Rob (having improved his maintenance) and Peter to battle it out with 2 firsts and 2 seconds each.
Third event and the wind was lighter and unpredictable near the quay but there was good racing all the way down the fleet. So gripping that we barely noticed the rain shower passing over and no one left their spot on the pontoon.
Simon was in fine form but Rob managed to upset his winning ways in a couple of races.
The picture below shows some of the competitors at their stations strictly observing the social distancing rules while intent on navigating a tricky run out into the strongest of the spring tide.
If you’d like more information about this fleet, see the website (‘Model’) or contact Chris Sprules, ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).



Saturday 17th April, saw the first of the Longmore series, which for the Firefly fleet means the first of our Firefly cruises, an opportunity to get as many of the fleet including some of the younger members  out enjoying being on the water together, in a non-competitive environment. Nine boats rigged up in anticipation for a great spring day on the water, including three new families looking forward to their first sail at Dell Quay.

We all enjoyed the sunshine and light wind sail down to Copperas Point, even if the shifty conditions made it challenging for some of the young sailors honing their steering skills. On arrival at the beach, the kids loved their hot chocolates (Thank you Sarah E), topped off with marshmallows. After an explore and play on the beach it was time to head for home, with some ‘follow my leader’ to make the gentle sail home interesting. A great day was topped off by helping the Commodore finish the out of date beer stocks on the balcony in the sunshine. A great start to the season with much more of the same to come as we get more of the growing fleet on the water. See you all on the water at the weekend for the second Firefly Cruise (this Saturday 1st May), followed by two days of close racing in the May mini series (Sunday and Monday).



If you want to know more about this thriving fleet, please contact Firefly Class Captain, Shaun Pollard ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). It’s  one of the biggest fleets in the country!   GO Fireflies!


Another sail in company in a non-competitive environment was the first of the dinghy cruises.  You can see Zander Hack’s report on the website (Dinghy cruising –Itchenor Dinghy Cruise report).  It was Zander’s first outing as the lead and he scored 100% for his (reassuring?) self-set goals: 1. no fatalities; 2. no loss of property; 3. bringing everyone back to Dell Quay.  He gets some bonus points as the selection of beers at CYC was very good. Thank you Zander.   


Dinghy cruising is a social and safe way to get out on the water.  If you would like more information, please contact the lead, Jon Wilburn ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Liz Sagues penned a great summary of the dinghy racing over the easter weekend which saw some 30 boats on the water.  This is also on the website in the news section.

Looking ahead on the water


image5The first Sunday Funday is nearly upon us! (9th May 0900-1200)  

Don't forget to let the team know that you are coming.  

If you have already registered to be a part of Sunday Fundays all you now need to do is to complete the Step 2 form at the bottom of the Sunday Funday page on the club website SUNDAY FUNDAY and let us know which activity you want to take part in, you can choose from Rowing, Sailing, Stand-up Paddle boarding (SUP) or Kayaking/Canoeing.  If you don’t have a boat then club Dinghies, SUPs and the club’s rowing boat are available to book via the club website (for a small fee).

We anticipate being oversubscribed and places will be allocated on a strictly first come first served basis.  To avoid disappointment complete and submit the Step 2 form NOW!
If you haven’t already registered to be part of Sunday Fundays but want to join in the fun, then complete the Step 1 registration by clicking the link halfway down the Sunday Funday webpage SUNDAY FUNDAY (dellquaysc.co.uk) and then complete Step 2.     

Carol and Andy look forward to seeing you at 0900 on the 9th May.

And for all the Solo enthusiasts…


In the club

The New Members Evening will take place via zoom on Saturday the 8th May at 6pm.  This is a welcome to the Club and is aimed at new members who have joined in the last few years and any other members who would like to find out more about the club.    All members (new and not so new) are very welcome to join the Zoom call. See the latest eNews for the meeting link

The Galley continues to offer hot drinks and mainly prepacked snacks during racing events.  Given the various Covid restrictions about table service, service is mostly via a pop up galley at the door to the balcony.  


image7There will be some slight changes to social calendar to accommodate Covid regulations.  We’ll update you in May.

The House Committee is not currently taking bookings for members to use the club house for private events.  We’ll let you know as soon as this changes.

Star Volunteers!

There are some very Big Hitting Star Volunteers this month!

First, a huge thank you to John Nash who has retired from his role as eNews editor.  John has sent over 470 eNews’ since its inception in 2010. He has added colour and humour to communications and despite work and other commitments has managed to disseminate information throughout the club for over a decade.  We are very, very grateful to John for his monumental service to the club.

Chris Playford has stepped up to the plate to take on the role as eNews editor.  Many thanks to Chris for taking on this role as we migrate it from Constant Contact to Sail Club Manager.

Our fearless trainers, Sue Nash (Chief Instructor) and Andy Morley (RYA Training Centre Principal) have moved heaven and earth in their quest to prepare our AIs and DIs for the upcoming season.  We’ve lost some of our AIs and DIs due to cyclical changes (university, work and the like) and have the added challenge of a skills fade following the Covid restrictions.  Sue and Andy have literally worked their sailing boots off!  Thank you so much.

And in relation to the Sunday Funday video, a massive thank you to those involved in its production - Greg Kies and Grace Collinson (script), Andy Morley (Camera and post production) and Lucie Morley (postproduction and music selection), as well as all the participants!

Some changes and reminders re Covid

Club boats are now available for booking via the website.  As with the rowing boat and patrol boats members are asked to clean the boats before and after use.  This helps reduce the Covid risk and preserves and protects these important club assets.

After detailed discussion within the sailing committee, the 16kn wind limit has been removed from the Club Covid racing rules. Relevant considerations included new government guidance for the period from now to 21 June gradually lifting restrictions (all being well); the relatively low incidence of Covid in this area, the continuing successful vaccine roll out and the relatively sheltered water in which most of our racing takes place and, overall, the time being right to place the responsibility for going out to race back on the competitor with the RO responsible for deciding whether each race should be run or not.  Most clubs around the harbour have made similar alterations. Covid “Be Considerate Be Conservative” guidance still applies to all Club racing activity and other Covid precautions remain in place.

Please do sign in when you are in the club using any of the NHS App, the Club’s own QR code, (both of which appear around the club), it's still a legal requirement or the sign in book just inside the main door of the club house.