National Solo Class Profile


Solo sailing at Dell Quay Sailing Club.


The Solo is Dell Quay’s largest and liveliest fleet, with more than 20 boats in the club and an exciting calendar of racing, training and informal sailing throughout the year. Whether you’re at the front of the fleet or a little further back, you’ll find our racing is friendly yet competitive. Club racing takes place most weekends and we also host one of the best Solo open meetings on the circuit.

The Solo dinghy is one of the most popular single handers in the UK. By choosing the right mast and sail combination, a Solo can be sailed competitively by men and women weighing from 10.5 to 16 stone. They are quick, stable and exciting to sail. Most new boats are made from FRP but wooden and composite boats can be just as competitive. For more information about the Solo dinghy please visit the Solo Association website.

Boats hold their value and there are always good second-hand Solos for sale. If you’re thinking about buying a Solo to sail at Dell Quay, please get in touch so we can help find you the right boat. You’ll get some great advice and support if you need any help.

The Solo fleet at Dell Quay welcomes new members. If you’d like to know more about owning and sailing a Solo at Dell Quay, please get in touch with our class captain Roger Puttock



DQSC Fleet Captain: Roger Puttock



The DQSC Solo Class Club Boat

The Dell Quay SC Solo Fleet now have a lovely wooden Solo, number 4075, to help continue to promote this strong fleet at DQ.

club solo

The 3 main aims of Solo 4075 are:

  1. To have a Solo available for potential new members of DQSC who wish to try out a Solo before purchasing one and joining the Club.

  2. To have a Solo available to current members of DQ from other Classes who would like to use her for occasional racing and an introduction in to how lovely these boats are!

  3. To have a spare boat available to the members of the Solo fleet to use when their own boats are either off the water or packed up for travelling Series.


 To book this lovely resource please follow this link


Owners (and sail numbers) are
Sail number Builder Helm
5867 JP Bill Dawber
5836 The Boatyard@Beer Mark Harper
5833 Winder 1 Carol Andrews
5668 Winder 1 Peter Binning
5608 Winder 1 Simon Verral
5432 Winder 1 Nikki Buchanan
5262 Winder 1 John Purdy
5168 Boon (Ovington) Stephen Holcroft
5059 Boon (Ovington) Andrew Horne
4957 Boon (Ovington) David Swift
4936 Gosling Gordon Barclay
4811 Winder 1 Fred Hilgner
4707 Winder 1 Richard Bridgmont
4594 K. L. Adams Trevor Humphrey
4561 Winder 1 Roger Puttock
4395 Thresher Graham Dalton
4075 Thresher Class SOLO
3963 Severn Sailboats Dai Mercy
3615 Beckitt Ken Baker
1832 Omega Michael Foster