Cruiser Day Sail Saturday 19 June 2021

Sail in company.  Intended destination is Priory Bay (IOW) for lunch, returning to Dell Quay on the evening tide.  This should be a perfect occasion for those wishing some company as they explore the way out of Chichester Harbour.

This will be an early start.  The aim is to leave as the tide turns, running down harbour with the ebb tide and out into the Solent (Weather Permitting).  Anchor off Priory Bay for lunch, returning around 15:00 towards Chichester Harbour to enter the harbour with the flood tide back to Dell Quay for high tide.

High Tide morning: 07:00.  Depart Dell Quay by 8:00
High Tide evening:  19:40.  Return to Dell Quay before 21:30

These are neap tides, so the current will not be so strong , but will still push you through the harbour entrance quickly.  We don’t want to leave late as we are looking for a good depth of tide over the harbour bar.  This is dredged to 1.5m below chart datum, but there can be quite high waves at the bar with a southerly wind.
Wind forecast (as of Monday  Morning)  is for  a light F2 north easterly to start, swinging round to southerly F3 as the sea breeze sets at around 11:00, which should be perfect.  The sea breeze should hold for the return to Dell Quay.

When leaving or entering Chichester Harbour, be aware that the tide flows across the harbour entrance once you get outside the Hayling Island beach.  Although many boats turn towards the Solent fairly close in, It is prudent to continue south passing both the Bar Beacon (Red Post) and West Pole (a large Tripod structure), before turning westwards.  Priory Bay is about 220deg from West Pole.  Look for a conspicuous wedge in the IOW profile and aim just to the right of that.  There are also several small gas tanker ships anchored off Bembridge, sailing between the last two westward of these will also lead towards Priory Bay.  As you get closer in, St Helens fort becomes visible, keep that well to port. You will see a tree covered point of land with conspicuous rocks at the east end of the bay and  Seaview houses are conspicuous to the west end of the bay, and it is a popular anchorage, so a large number of boats at anchor will be visible.

If the weather forecast becomes unfavourable, or there is some other need to change plans, I will post a notice in the club entrance on Saturday morning.  I will also be on VHF ch 8,  Call sign “Opus Four”.

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Peter Matthews