June 2021 Update

This update will be shorter than usual as we’ll be issuing Quay News in the next few weeks.
The main items arising from the GC and around the club are:

  • Some information about Junior Week (26th to 30th July) and a request for co-operation from members in keeping clear of the club during this week
  • A huge thank you to all the people involved in the Regatta
  • A request from the House Committee to ‘take a seat’ for a few more weeks and to think about your (bare!) feet!

Details of these appear below.
We also spent some time looking at the draft accounts for the new financial year ending 30th December 2020 (so only 9 months).  We hope these will be approved and available in the next month or so.


Junior Week 2021 –Monday 26th July to Friday 30th July

We are absolutely delighted that Junior week is happening this year.  Huge thanks to Sue Nash, Graham Causer and Andy Morley in particular who have worked very hard to navigate through Covid implications to ensure everyone is kept safe.
The tight timings of the next easing of restrictions (hopefully July 19), mean we’ll be adopting a modified approach to Junior Week with less participants and helpers.  
Members too are asked to keep clear of the club during this time in order for us to keep the juniors safe. We have reduced the numbers of juniors and helpers and are planning how to spread the sailing groups to be compliant with the continued restrictions.

Many thanks to the Victoria Yachts and rowers for moving their scheduled slots around to support our efforts to manage Junior Week in a Covid secure way.

As we have stated in the letter to parents:

“The current proposed date for the end of national restrictions is 19 July, only 1 week before Junior Week.  Whilst we would welcome an early announcement that this date will be adhered to, we need to consider what would happen if it is extended.  We also need to take into account Junior Week needs to comply with the RYA guidance in place at the time of the event.  Therefore, even though restrictions may be lifted on 19 July, there is no guarantee that the RYA Guidance will have been updated and re-issued before Junior Week starts. More importantly, we need to protect our young instructors and the juniors who will not have been vaccinated by then. This means that no matter what the decision for the 19th July, the mantra we will be working with throughout JW is HANDS, FACE & SPACE.

The RYA guidance on space means that we have to work to the regulations of groups of a maximum of 30 outdoors. We will be managing 2 groups of 30 with a separate galley team and a separate powerboat/beach team so our request is that other members try to avoid coming down during this period.”

Your help with this will be very much appreciated.

Regatta 2021

A fantastic day of racing, the return of one of our most beautiful trophies, an amazing ‘afternoon-tea-in-a-bag’ plus the chance to try some of our other water sports were just a few of the highlights of the regatta.  As one of the XOD sailors commented (RC Sailing - who hitched a ride on Alfie): ‘The Club looked fantastic as approached from the water!’
A more detailed report will appear in Quay News but a massive thank you to Vice Commodore Mark Moranne as well as the galley, racing and ground teams who all worked incredibly hard to make the day a success.

Take a seat and think about your feet!

With luck we will see the easing of restrictions on 19th July.  Pending that decision, we are limited to table service only for the galley and bar.  This feels very odd at Dell Quay where we are all used to stepping up to the galley and bar to order food and drinks.  

House volunteers will be ‘hovering’ to take your orders.  At busy times this might take a little while so apologies in advance if things are a bit slower than in the past.

On the subject of feet, we’ve recently had a small run of injuries where people have been moving around the club in bare feet.  It’s our recommendation that you remain shod while moving around the club to reduce the likelihood of injury to your feet!