Development Classes

The following are Development Classes at Dell Quay SC for 2019/2020


rs400 logo

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rs400 do battle

Number of boats at DQSC 7

The RS400 is a fast, light two-man asymmetric dinghy that is an ideal candidate to fill an obvious gap in the Club’s line-up of adopted classes.

Photo : Courtesy of RS Class Association

Facts and Figures:

Designed by Phil Morrison in 1993 the RS400 is constructed from GRP/Foam sandwich by RS Racing and weighs 85Kg. It is suitable for a combined crew weight in the range 135-165Kg and sails off a handicap of 952.

For more details about the RS400 please go the RS400 class association webite


DQSC Sponsor: Will Parrett

DQSC fireflysNumber of boats at DQSC 12

After a 30 year absence, the Firefly fleet has blown off the cobwebs and made its way back to Dell Quay SC. Led by a group of sailors who are old enough to remember the glory days yet young enough to party with the best of them, we are pulling boats from barns, slapping on the varnish and championing the cause for double handed fleet racing. Whether you haven’t raced in years, have never raced before or are as bored of handicap racing as we were - we urge you to get involved. Our goal is a simple one - competitive racing, reasonably priced boats, a family friendly atmosphere & post race beer(s). In 2019 we have gone from 1 Firefly to 8 and we look set to have over 10 on the start line in 2020. If you want to join us drop us a line - we are a welcoming bunch and as far as we are concerned the more the better. Because fleet racing is the only racing.

Photo : Will Parrett

RS Feva

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rs feva XL

The RS Feva is an asymmetric dinghy suited for juniors or small adults.It is an ideal two-handed boat for younger teenagers and well-suited to the Club.

Photo : Courtesy of the RS Class Association

Facts and Figures:

Designed by Paul Handley/RS Sailboats in 2002, the RS Feva weighs 63Kg and is suitable for a combined crew weight in the range 80-115Kg. It is built in polyethylene by RS Racing and sails off a handicap of 1240.

RS Class Association :

Toppertopper logo

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toppers do battle

The Topper is a very light single-hander ideally suited for younger sailors. It is a perfect boat for DQSC.

Photo : Laura Hughes

Facts and Figures:

The Topper was designed by Ian Proctor in 1976 and weighs just 43Kg. It is manufactured in polypropylene by Topper International. The Topper can be sailed by anyone weighing over 32Kg.

Topper Class Association:


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Optimist fleet

The Optimist is a common starting boat for juniors: 85% of the medal-winning skippers at the 2008 Olympics were former Optimist helms including Ben Ainslie. Masts can be raked and sails cut to suit individual helms so everyone can compete on an even basis.

Photo: Courtesy of UK Optimist Association

Facts and Figures:

The Optimist was designed in 1947 by Clark Mills and weighs just 35Kg. It is very much for lighter juniors in the weight range 40-45Kg although the maximum age to race one is under 16. These days Optimists are constructed in GRP and there are many UK builders.

UK Optimist Class Association: