We are pleased to announce that we are piloting a new class of Model Yacht at Dell Quay. We are not looking for a replacement for the Victoria but wanted to try another yacht. The 8m is a larger boat than the Victoria but has the benefit of a shallow long keel which is ideal when there is weed. It was developed by Poole Radio Yacht Club.

They are about 1 metre long and are easily transportable in a small car even when fully rigged. They are also relatively inexpensive to buy ranging in price from about £150 to £300.

We will be trying them out this year and probably doing a race series. If you are interested in trying one or would like to join us then please contact Rob or Chris

8M Yacht

8m Model yachters at DQSC

Name Sail Number
Rob Nunn 22
Chris Sprules 28
Dave Few 51
Eric Janering77
Simon Bell 58
Linda Partridge 94
John Martin 65
Ron Foden50
Tim Applewhite91
Bruce Dupee 99

8m Class History

“Developed by Poole model yacht club as a response to weed Robin Edgar showed us a boat he had built, modelled on the full-size 8 metre yacht. This had a long, shallow keel with the rudder hung on to the back of the keel, built in ballast and just one rig. We all tried this boat, sailing around the clumps of weed where possible or through if un-avoidable. It worked!

Robin left the boat with us for a couple of weeks having told us that he could build a few if we wanted for the princely sum of around £300. A dozen of us jumped at this and within a month the new 8 Metre Class was born. Initially the idea was just to let people get back on the water but inevitably we started racing each other, informally at first but within a short time this became properly organised with points series and cup races. We now have around thirty boats in the fleet.

Quite early on we decided it was to be a One Design class with strict rules on weight and measurements. We stick to racing rules we do tend to occasionally adopt a more forgiving attitude”
Poole Model Yacht Club