Hi everyone
Here are the results from yesterdays racing, it was certainly windy enough, the yachts could handle the wind but the waves became more of a problem as time went on.
Well done to the top 3, Linda 1st Simon 2nd and Tim 3rd.  Dave finished every race to come 4th.
Chris's yacht had gremlins and it decided to sail across to the western shore, luckily he had his rib ready for such an occasion and a high speed rescue was successful !
Rob discovered that one of the connector pins had corroded away explaining why the controls were somewhat erratic.12/7/22

Hi everyone
It was such a perfect day for radio sailing that we didn't really want to stop, even after 8 races we kept going for a while only stopping for food!
Reliability was good with all yachts finishing and no rescues needed. It was close at the top, Race winners were Rob and Simon and Chris did lead a race for a while.
Dave was using devious tactics to try to put other sailors off but it didn't work. Bruce was still learning but managed a couple of 3rd places.
Next race is Tuesday 19th 16:00

Luckily the cruising association cruisers had moved off the pontoon before we started racing so a nice big course was sailed around 4 buoys.
The racing was good fun and close again, Chris said at the end "it was a perfect days racing" this may have been because he had won 2 races!
Newbie to 8m's, Tim did well right from the start, he also won 2 races,  I won 2 races as well so the points were going to be close
especially as Linda had a consistent run of 2nd places.
The final results were very close with only 2 points separating the top 4.
Simon 7pts


Hi Everyone

We had great conditions for the 8m yacht racing today, warm and windy NW, there was added excitement because the cruiser near the first mark swung across sometimes making it a tight squeeze to get round.
I was sailing my new boat for the first time, I set it up as my other one and luckily it was quite good from the start.
We had 4 different race winners and there was a tie for 3rd place between Rob and Chris, the last race positions decided the tie and Chris got the 3rd place, well done Chris!
Dave's backstay mounting came out of the hull so he missed the last 2 races.
Today's podium:- Simon 1st Linda 2nd and Chris 3rd


Hi 8m owners
We have a session this week on Weds at 10:30 and here are the next set of dates for sailing/racing to add to your diaries.


Simon Bell