First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to contact us with regards to the refurbishment of the changing rooms.

In terms of the comments received, the overwhelming feeling was that we should revert to the plans that were described at the AGM in November 2021. We have made that change.

Some other comments related to the timing. There is never a perfect time for projects such as these. In the end, the GC decided that given a variety of factors, including inflationary pressures on material costs, and the weather that was likely to support the build being completed to schedule, we decided to start now, with the target of being ready for the first Open event of the season.

There were comments related to the length and type of consultation. Our preference would have been for it to be longer, but we believe that the type of consultation, based on a costed proposal, rather than a number of options, was the right approach. Our decision on the length was driven by the need to complete works before the first Open of the year.

All the comments received are reproduced in the Appendix to this note, without identifying the commenter, with the GC’s response to each individual comment. Where the comments are from a single responder and linked, they have been numbered and dotted lines inserted between the rows.

The final drawing is being updated and will be published here as soon as it is available. It should be noted that the GC has decided that all the changing rooms will be flexible, e.g. the ladies and gentlemen may be switched around depending on the needs of the event concerned.


Ben Alcott

Detailed comments and responses

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Original Plan drawing

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Current Plan Drawing

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