DQSC Bembridge, Thorney Island SC with Dinghies becomes Day sail and BBQ Rally

Saturday 4 June 2022

The plan was a rally to Bembridge with the cruising dinghies - the reality – the Cruiser Committee had tried to book Bembridge in January but as they were fully booked for the Jubilee Weekend from before Christmas (as well as not allowing camping) a different venue was tried. Thorney Island Sailing Club however, had other commitments and so a day sail from DQSC and back again with a ‘bring your own food’ BBQ on return was planned.

Moody Moon (Piers Chamberlain and Chris Rigg-Milner) had been on the pontoon at the quay on the Friday doing some work and were joined by Ian Sinclair in Desiree.

Not really knowing who was going to turn up Ian and Chris’s better half Paula joined us on Moody Moon for a sail when we floated at around 14:00. Passing down the mooring trot we didn’t see anyone else out and about at Dell Quay. Continuing down the harbour we made preparations to hoist the main with the first reef taken in it was blowing Force 5-6. Motor sailed through Itchenor Reach as the wind wasn’t being kind. Clearing the reach turned towards East Head off engine and out jib with 4 rolls being taken in; nicely balanced and sailing quickly for a cruiser down wind. Rounding one of the buoys at East Head we hardened up and beat our way back to Itchenor, Chris was very glad that Ian was with us as the skipper was working him hard. Just getting up to the end of the reach and we see Mandalay with Martin and Sarah Greenhalgh going down the harbour as part of the day sail. Also passing on his way down the harbour was Lex Harrison in Firth of Glasgow.

Back at the DQSC the options for BBQing were reviewed and it was decided that we would use the galley, so set up tables and chairs and off we go. As we were setting up we were joined by Keith and Michaela Heppenstall, Peter and Jane Matthews, John Martin, Avril Sargent and Dick Cole (who had bicycled up from the marina).

Bar open, good food, great company and a good evening had by all and for those that sailed, a bit of excitement in blowy conditions.

The prize for the shortest distance travelled to a DQSC rally this year goes to ……… Ian Sinclair, for his 100m from his mooring to the pontoon.

Piers Chamberlain
Moody Moon