Folly Rally and BBQ 11/12th September 2022

After some initial concern about the weather with extremes being forecast early on, all the weather apps settled down to forecast a benign F2~F3 from the South West with dry conditions for both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the wind was more NW and F3 occasionally F4 but I managed to sail from Gosport to Cowes on one long starboard tack and I believe those coming out of Chichester had similar experiences. I arrived at the Folly at 14:00 and was then followed by Fairwind at about 15:30 and Mandalay shortly after. The rest of the boats then arrived in short order apart from Rio who did not arrive till gone 18:00 just as we were about to set out to the BBQ area! My original idea had been to try and squeeze three boats along the pontoon then the rest rafted outside of us but there was just not quite enough room, as the owner of the pontoon (and Folly?) has now got a 40-foot Beneteau permanently moored at the end of the walk ashore pontoon.

image1Nonetheless we managed to sort things out and I then set up the drinks and nibbles, Wine, beer cheese and pineapple and dips. The cheese and pineapple seemed to go down well, not so much the salsa, sour cream and dipping snacks so will note that for future reference. I had arranged this for 17:30 with the idea of walking along to the BBQ area at 1815, but as Rio arrived at 18:10 or so, by the time we had got him sorted alongside and then ashore it was nearer 18:30.

The BBQs were duly lit and it was interesting to see the different types of cooking devices and styles. So then we sat and ate our various repasts in the sunshine.

image2By the time we had finished the sun had set and so by the time we had got our chattels sorted out it was well and truly dark, but with a lovely full moon to light our way back, it was fine. The feedback I have received is that everyone enjoyed themselves especially the newcomers who have not been on many or indeed any rallies before.

Welcome and well done to the two smallest boats, Rio (21.5ft) and Hi Time,(23 ft) as well as Artful Dodger (25ft); it was very good to see the smaller boats and other single handers on one of our rallies, we hope to see more of you in future rallies, likewise Juniper of Leigh. Welcome to you all, David, Tony, Colin and Stephen and your respective family members.

image3We had eight boats from an original ten, they were in size order, Mandalay, Fairwind of DQ, Opus IV, Frith, Juniper of Leigh, Artful Dodger, Hi Time and Rio, with fourteen people and two dogs, a very respectable turnout.

It was a fine day for an early start back to Chichester harbour, the wind was a light ENE increasing to F3/4 so it was a beat back as far as the Forts when it gradually went round to the south. Tony aboard Hi Time hauled in seven mackerel on his way back, to be enjoyed later.

Martin Watson

Photographs by Martin Watson and Sue Pearson