DQSC Environmental Sub-Group

Terms of Reference

1 Role/Purpose

1.1    The Environmental Sub-Group (ESG) is established by the Dell Quay Sailing Club General Committee (GC) under article 17.10 of the DQSC by-laws.
1.2    The ESG’s role is to provide strategic direction and leadership of DQSC’s environmental programme, to continuously improve DQSC’s environmental performance

2    Term

2.1    This Terms of Reference is effective from August 2021 and continues until determined by the GC.

3    Membership

3.1    The ESG’s members are:

3.1.1    Member of the GC
3.1.2    Members with an interest in environmental matters who have been invited or offered to join
3.1.3    Representatives of each Club Committee

3.2    The Chair of the ESG will be elected by the members of the ESG.

4    Roles and Responsibilities

4.1    The ESG is accountable for:
4.1.1    Planning for delivery of DQSC’s Environmental Strategy, facilitating each DQSC committee to implement their action plan.
4.1.2    Reporting delivery progress to GC, including requests for support that are required for delivery
4.1.3    Updating, from time to time, DQSC’s Environmental Strategy
4.1.4    Participating in relevant activities organised by Chichester Harbour Federation
4.1.5    Liaising with and fostering collaboration with other Clubs in Chichester Harbour on environmental matters
4.1.6    Maintaining the focus of the ESG on the agreed outcomes, scope and benefits of the Environmental Strategy
4.1.7    Communicating, via Club channels, to the membership on delivery progress and environmental matters of relevance to the Members

4.2    The membership of the ESG agree to:
4.2.1    Attend scheduled ESG meetings
4.2.2    Champion the ESG within and outside the Club

5    Meetings

5.1    All meetings will be chaired by the elected Chair or nominated deputy
5.2    A meeting quorum will be at least half of serving members of the ESC
5.3    Decisions made by consensus (i.e. members are satisfied with the decision even though it may not be their first choice). If not possible, ESC chair makes final decision
5.3.1    Meeting agendas/minutes will be provided by a member of the committee as agreed by the committee from time to time. This includes: preparing agendas and supporting papers
5.3.2    preparing meeting notes and information.
5.3.3    Meetings will be held at least three times per calendar year at a time and place agreed by a simple majority of the members of the committee. The committee may meet virtually.
5.3.4    If required ESG meetings will be arranged outside of these times at a time convenient to ESG members.

6    Amendment, Modification or Variation

6.1    This Terms of Reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing after consultation and agreement by ESG members and ratified by GC.