Racing at night - Victoria Model Yachts

On Monday, the Victoria fleet enjoyed their Christmas race which was a lovely sight with the little boats dressed with lights and festive decorations.  Despite the strong winds, the racing was competitive and most boats coped well.  Commiserations to Peter whose boat lost a shroud, Dave Few who had an electrical fault. Chris came of worst when number 7, started sinking following a jammed jib (apparently not caused by the owner...)!

After racing, the group enjoyed mulled wine and Christmas treats and the additional entertainment of spotting a set of twinkling lights down the harbour.  It was soon discovered that Dave's boat had taken flight and he was in hot pursuit.  He was soon back on shore and moaning about his boat so we knew he was ok.

The overall winner for the night was Bill D but unfortunately he was sailing at night without lights and therefore VAR is considering whether this is non-compliant with the Marine Act and RYA racing rules.  

All boats were judged on the how pretty their lights were.  Ron’s boat was mentioned as having a nice set of fairy lights with stars, Tim’s had a torch taped to the shroud shining on the sails so could be easily seen...Rob's had a complete set of port and starboard lights, making his the most compliant.  However, in the end the judges voted for Jean's which had a christmas tree atop the mast and big red lights covering the sails.  Well done Jean.… he was duly awarded the special Cup!

A big thanks to everyone for joining in, helping in the galley and tidying up.

From all the Model Yacht Sailors at Dell Quay a Happy Christmas to you all!