Many thanks for your interest in keeping your boat at beautiful Dell Quay!

In case you had not already noticed, Dell Quay dries completely at low water, so your boats needs to be able to take the ground. This usually means your boat should be either twin-keel or lifting keel.

We have a limited number of moorings and tender berths at the club, which are available to club members only. We welcome new members if you are not one already and are happy to discuss your cruising needs with you.

View our Club mooring (circled) on the map Or download our club moorings Map (PDF)

At most times there is a short waiting list. If there are no available places for your boat, wihth your agreement, you will be placed onto it and advised of alternative local moorings.

Moorings are generally allocated on a first-come-first-served basis; that said we also have to match the boat to the mooring type that becomes available. More information on our Cruiser Information page

Moorings are classified by CHC (Chichester Harbour Conservancy) on the basis of the length of boat that may occupy it (LOA) and also the 'drying height'

'C' Class Moorings = Drying height between 1.1m and 2.5m

'D' Class Moorings = Drying height more than 2.5m

Most of our moorings are class 3, which is for boats up to 9m LOA, but we have a couple of class 2 moorings for boats of up to 11m and 14m and two of class 4, for boats up to 6m LOA.

Seasonal Mooring Fees:

Please check the web site for current fees

Moorings generally come free around the end of the calendar year when current occupiers who decide they do not wish to continue with there mooring for the year  release it for re-use.

Please let me know your boat details together with your full contact details using the fields below.

If you do not yet own the boat you wish to keep at Dell Quay, please let us know as much as you can about the boat you are considering, details can always be changed later!


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