Dell Quay Sailing Club - Policy Documents

COVID Operating Processes
Dinghy Racing
pdf iconPatrol Boat Risk Assessment
pdf iconPatrol Boat Launch and Recovery
pdf iconCovid SI & NOR
pdf iconCruising Risk Assessment
pdf iconCruiser Lift out Briefing
pdf iconVictoria Class Risk Assessment
pdf iconVictoria Class Racing Policy
pdf iconGalley Risk Assessment
Longboat Operating Policy
pdf iconLongboat Operating Policy
Frequently Asked Questions
pdf iconClub House
pdf iconDuty Officer Assistance
pdf iconPatrol Boat
pdf iconSailing Events

pdf icon
DQSC Articles of Association
pdf icon
DQSC Bylaws
pdf icon
Health & Safety
pdf icon
Privacy Policy
pdf icon
GDPR Consent Form
pdf icon
GDPR Parental Consent Form
pdf icon
Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy
pdf iconWhat is Child Abuse
pdf iconRYA Bullying Policy
pdf iconSafeguarding and Child Protection Referral Form
pdf iconSafeguarding Children Good Practice Guide
pdf iconSelf Disclosure Form
pdf icon
Fire Directive
pdf icon
Fire Policy
pdf icon
Raising the Alarm
pdf icon
Escape Routes
pdf icon
Risk Management
pdf icon
Safety on the Water Policy
Patrol Boat Policy
pdf icon
Club Boat
Dinghy Policy
pdf icon
Club Rowing Policy
Celtic Longboat
Equality Diversity & Inclusion Poicy
Conduct Complaints & Discipline Policy



 RYA Training Centre Operational Manual

pdf icon

RYA Recognised Training Centre Purpose and Policy

pdf icon
RYA Training Centre Operating Proceedures
pdf iconMajor-Minor Incident Policy
Annex A: Operating Area
Annex B: Parental Consent Form
Annex C: Daily Risk Assessment
Annex D: Course Evaluation
Annex E: Private Dinghy Check Sheet
Annex F: Briefing Formats
pdf icon Annex G: Code of Conduct for Junior Training
pdf iconAnnex H: Junior Training
Booking Conditions
pdf iconRYA Instructor Conduct
pdf icon RYA Code of
Ethics and Conduct
Club Role Descriptions
pdf icon
Training Centre Principal