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WOW is about social, confidence building sailing for women members of DQSC, either in their own boat, or as a crew.   WOW has a series of dates throughout the season and there will always be safety boat cover.   The emphasis is always about having fun and enjoying one another's company.
WOW will be organising other water based events in the coming year around rowing, kayaking and SUP ( stand up paddle boards). These are non tutored sessions and are aimed to have short sessions near the clubhouse as no safety boat will be available.   For more activity inclusion it may be that we integrate at times with the Celtic rowing boat group which we hope will increase participation and enjoyment of our time available on the water.
WOW is not designed as a training event unless an instructor has been booked specifically for a session; club members wishing to learn sailing skills can participate in training events held at DQSC. Click here to find out more about training at Dell Quay Sailing Club, where you will also find a link to enrol for training or make an enquiry.

Nikki Buchanan is the WOW Co-ordinator and for more information and to be signed-up for email updates about WOW events please contact her.  She also needs to know if you are coming along so we can have some idea of numbers and boats.   The time listed in the Club book is ‘on the water' time so please arrive in advance to be ready to launch by then.

You can contact Nikki via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and she will give you more information as required.