Dell Quay Sailing Club Lift-Out / Lift-In Dates


Terms and Conditions of Lifting In & Out with Dell Quay Sailing Club

  • Move or have your boat moved over to the hard/quay wall by the last high water before the lift out commences.
  • Lower and remove the mast from the boat for the duration of lifts.
  • Ensure your boat is appropriately insured for lifting by crane (the crane insurance doesn’t cover the load ie your boat).
  • Ensure your boat is appropriately insured for storage ashore whilst on the quay.
  • To pay the fees due on the day of Lift Out.



The costs of Lift-out and Lift-in are made up of 2 components. The fee for storage on the quay, and the cost of the crane for the 2 lifts i.e. Out onto the quay and back In to the water and is payable on Lift-Out day.

The storage Fee is fixed each year, and includes electricity during the storage period.

The cost of the crane for the 2 lifts is calculated by dividing the cost of hiring the crane and any insurances divided by the number of boats that are being lifted.


All those on the list should recieve an email informing them of the finalised fee for Storage + the 2 Lifts.


  • Storage on the Quay (2019/20 rates tbc)
  • Crane - costs available when they are known, you will be advised by email once the number of boats sharing the crane hire cost's are known.


2019 - 2020 Confirmed Dates 


DateDayTideTimeHeight (m)Notes
26/10/2019 Sat 11:05 5.0

Lift Out starts 10:30

The intention this year is to lift from the water, crane on site 10:00 first lift 10:30.
Boats to be across at the quay at the latest by 10:30 with masts down and removed from the boats.


DateDayTideTimeHeight (m)Notes
11/04/2020 Sat 15:14 5.0 Lift In starts 07:00


Book 2019-20 Lift In/Out Online here



2020 - 2021 Date Proposed


DateDayTimeHeight (m)Notes
18/10/2020 Sun 13:41 5.5

Lift Out starts 07:00


DateDayTimeHeight (m)Notes
28/03/2021 Sun 12:35 4.8

Lift Out starts 07:00

Tides increasing