Dinghies Dinghy Racing Race Reports

Race Report for Final 2 Races in the Late Trophy Series

(Published in the Chichester Observer on Thursday 22nd October 2015)

For the final two races of the DQSC Late Trophy series the weather stayed good for the time of year, with a fairly steady force 4 North Easterly wind providing some good racing despite dropping off a little at times. The race officer set a figure of eight course around Hook, Bowling, Crouchers and Copperas West marks, with the fleet having to weave through many moored yachts on the first beat.

There was a good turnout of 11 boats for the Solo races, providing competitive racing at both ends of the fleet. Significant improvements by the lesser skilled class members throughout the year meant that the fleet was able to stay well together for much of the course. The first race went to Bill Dawber, with Richard Ede second and Mike Shaw third.

In the second race the wind dropped for a time leaving the majority of the fleet struggling to get to the Bowling mark after a long run down from Hook. As the wind picked up some of the trailing boats were able to catch up the leading boats, resulting in a pile up at Bowling and one or two boats needing to take penalty turns. First and second places were unchanged from the first race with David Maltby coming in third this time.

The turnout for the 2000 class race was smaller but no less competitive, with Anne and Jim Norfolk winning the first race, followed by Mike Fitzgerald and Tim Dormer second and David Ellis and Chris Campbell third in both races. Fitzgerald/Dormer took first place in the second race followed by the Norfolks.

In the first of the Handicap class races Bruce Dupee (Topaz Uno) came first, followed by Simon Bell (RS Aero 5) and Andrew Buchanan (Finn) third. In the second race Buchanan took the lead and managed to catch up with the Solo fleet at Bowling, which only added to the confusion at an already crowded mark. Buchanan took first place, with Bell second and Chris Rowsell (RS 400) third.

Overall series results are:

Solo: 1st Bill Dawber, 2nd Malcolm Buchanan, 3rd David Maltby

2000: 1st Anne & Jim Norfolk, 2nd David Ellis & Chris Campbell, 3rd Mike Fitzgerald & Tim Dormer

Handicap: 1st Andrew Buchanan, 2nd Simon Bell, 3rd Jean & Liz Sagues 


Andrew Horne