The Club pontoons and Balcony are provided for the benefit of all Members and Visitors to the Club.


  1. All users of the pontoons are to have booked prior to visit/use - except members loading/unloading or between races.  
  2. All users are to moor in a manner that allows maximum use by other club members/visitors.
  3. Boats should not be moored alongside in winds that are forecast to exceed Force 4.
  4. No boats in excess of 30 feet overall length shall moor alongside.
  5. Pontoons are for short-term stays, defined as a maximum of 2 high tides. Owners of boats on the pontoon should stay within the vicinity of the club.
  6. Vessels are to be properly secured with adequate fender protection.
  7. Rafting of vessels depends on type and weather conditions (actual and forecast), and should be agreed with DQSC prior to arrival.
  8. The timber supporting piles for the Balcony and Pontoons are not to be used to lean vessels against or to be tied to.

When a visit has been confirmed Visitors will be advised of any specific requirements that may affect their visit i.e. conflicting events, galley and bar availability etc.