Welcome to Victoria Model Yacht Racing at Dell Quay Sailing Club

We try to vary the days we race on, but we are dependant on weather conditions so please check the Clubs calender which we keep up to date. Please feel free to come and watch at any time and if you would like to become part of the fleet then please read on and or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Chris Sprules


Race Schedule for 2021 coming soon

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The following list provides detail of boat numbers and owners

Model Yachters at DQSC
NameSail Number
Club Boat Plum1
Tony Williams
Sue Nash 3
Jean Sagues 4
Bruce Dupee 5
Chris Sprules 7
Tim Applewhite 8
Eric Janering 9
Gordon Barclay 10
Rob Nunn 11
Peter Mann 18
Bill Greening 19
Clare Greening 20
Dick Hoare 33
Simon Bell 44
Linda Bell 56
Ian Jackson 69
Barrie Pearson 73
Peter Porter 74
Bill Dawber 77
Dave Few 85
Peter Matthews 88
John Martin 101
Rob Nunn 111
Phil Scott 304


The following list provides detail of suppliers and boat parts that we use


Binding Transmitter to Receiver

Transmitter OFF

Receiver- Depress pairing button- connect battery while still depressing and hold

Transmitter - switch on and wait for both colours to appear then press Connect button - finger off 

receiver should go to solid red and tranmitter both colours solid

Test swith both on again and all lights shold be solid


Sussex Models in Worthing

Cornwall Model Boats www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk

Howes Models This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Approx Cost:

P7710200 Planet T5 (100 mtr range) 2.4ghz Combo Set 5 Channel 1 £41.66

P2213190 Hitec HS311 Standard Servo 1 £6.25, TT8141 Thunder Tiger Sail Winch Servo 1 £24.99

New yacht price £95-£109

How to build the Yacht:

This link takes you to a website that shows you how to build the boat - http://www.okanaganmodelsailboat.org/Step-by-Step.html

This link takes you to American governing body - https://www.theamya.org/boats/victoria/

This link describes how to "Pair" the transmitter with the receiver - http://www.jperkinsdistribution.co.uk/downloads/7710150c.pdf

Parts :

P J Sails specializes in model racing yacht components - http://www.pjsails.co.uk/

Servo Shop are particularly good for servos amongst other things - http://www.servoshop.co.uk/

Nylet have been at the forefront of model yachting for years - http://www.nylet.co.uk/

Howes Models, good for electronics/radios - https://www.howesmodels.co.uk/

Component Shop, good for batteries/chargers etc - http://www.componentshop.co.uk/

Cornwall Model Boats, online shop for everything model boats, but limited sailing bits http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/

Parts List : (Updated CS 9/17)

Minimum mass for the boat including batteries, ready to sail is 2.04kg

Sail Servo 10kg torque- hextronik HX12k- hobbyking Or Savox SC0252MG

Rudder servo small size Hitek HS-82MG servoshop.co.uk

Receive Spektrum AR6115E

Transmitter Spektrum DX6i

2 small pulley Blocks Nylet N009.3

Kicker and gooseneck assembly Nylet N034.3 (will need to be modified slightly to fit mast diameter)

Through deck sheet leadrun Nylet N003.7

Shrouds 12kg fishing stainless steel tracewire should come with crimps to make ends off

Fishing rod end for main sheet to run through on deck Tackle Bargains BMYOT 4.5/1.4

The sails I use are from Housemartin Sails and were purchased online for £30 plus delivery. Just ask for a set of sails for a Victoria. Contact them at http://www.housemartinsails.co.uk/contact-us-at-housemartinsails/

Mast built using alloy arrow shafts “Easton Platinum plus” type 2013 and 2213 are requires From Quicks archery Waterlooville. Remaining spare tube used for main boom.

Warm and waterproof transmitter cover from Peter Popham rcwinches.com/muffs.html

Kicker / Vang from PJ sails parts are- Rigging screw 030 030sl @ £3.60- Hook wire 087b @£3.70 - shackle 3mm 044 030 @£2.50

Ruber pushrod Bellows x 2 Part 1400 £4.86 Cornwall Models - stops water entering through rudder shaft

We use a 6V nimh pack of 5 AAA cells all assembled with the correct JR connector.
You will need a suitable charger for the 6V pack we use 100mA for this. This charger from Sussex models can do this.