Model yacht racing at Dell Quay Sailing Club


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Feb 2018

7 Victorias turned out today to compete in a cold blustery wind coming from all directions

Rob and Peter won two races each but Peter won the ones that counted ( I guess he wasn't trying in the others) and now the two are tied at the front of the series with Tim in third place. Given the conditions it was a really enjoyable sail

Jan 2018

Weather has been against us this month so this is what we do when we can’t sail



Who’s next for the flu jab? CF

It’s so exhausting sailing Victoria’s! BG

Did you hear the one about the Victoria armchair sailors? IS

I’ve been telling her that we sail model yachts I must bring it down one day CS

Isn't it time we thought about getting some boats RN

Dec 2017

We visited the Selsey Victoria group (SMBC) on a windy day and enjoyed a series of races with them around the lake at East Beach Selsey- 19 boats. For once we did not have to worry about waves in the Harbour but instead faced the challenge of wind continually changing direction. It was pleasing to see that Simon and Dick won a few races for Dell Quay (this could possibly be construed as being fake news as they are both members of Selsey as well). During the break from racing we watched them have a couple of races with their model motor boats... really good. Maybe another get together when the weather warms up


Nov 2017

After our recent annual meeting we agreed a couple of changes which we will implement in 2018 - they were:

  • Spring, summer, autumn, winter and evening series will be retained but will be shortened to accommodate handicap,Xmas and fun series
  • There will be three one day series to celebrate Victoria day, Alberts b'day and the Regatta.
  • We will hold more races on each day over a one and half hour period (prob. 4-6 depending on conditions)
  • There will a trophy going to the overall winner from the 4 main series
  • We will adopt the I S A F rules  r/c appendix and the class rules which will appear on the website
  • There will be tuning / sailing advice events
  • We will examine the possibility of an away day at Selsey Model Boat Club
  • We will experiment with a handicap series where boats will carry extra weights when they achieve good results


Oct 2017

Autumn Series completed following a break in the windy weather with four races culminating in 1st place going to Rob, 2nd place to Peter M and third place to Bruce- well done to all.

We will be holding our Annual meeting on the 7th November at 14.00 - all are welcome.


Aug 2017

Due to adverse weather conditions the racing this week was cancelled; fortunately we had planned an ad hoc meeting the day before which was enjoyed by all. It was also the first time we had the chance to see the Greening twins in thier new carrying case.

IMG 1431


June 2017

Evening Series

There was a warm but light wind for this week’s race with the added hazard of seaweed which led to a few of the boats making a break for it towards Fishbourne. The two winners on the night were Rob and Chris. We were pleased to see another new boat join us (John and Avril’s) with hopefully another two new racers for future meetings.

We finished the evening with a quiet drink (if you disregard the band practice) watching the sun set. Perhaps we should consider a night series but we will need to fit the boats with Navigation lights!!

Model Yachts Spring series

The Spring series has finished and I am pleased to announce that the overall winner was Simon Bell closely followed by Rob Nunn and Peter Matthews. This was our first race series and turnout for all the races has been good. Looking back over the series, the weather conditions have ranged from lovely to nightmare with large waves and high wind and yet no yachts have floundered. The Victoria MY seems to be a sturdy boat and like Trigger’s broom in Only Fools and Horses we have still got the original boats but with virtually every part having been replaced!



thanks to Peter for pictures

Model Yachts @ DQSC

Bruce Dupee 5
Chris Sprules


Tim Applewhite


Eric Janering


Rob Nunn


Bill Greening


Clare Greening


Jean Sagues


Dick Hoare


Simon Bell


Linda Bell


Ian Jackson


Peter Porter


Barrie Pearson


Dave Few


Peter Matthews


John Martin