A grand total of seven boats (3 wayfarers, three laser 2k’s and RS Tera) set off for Bosham at 1300  Sunday 24th April. Brisk north-westerly wind was the order of the day on this maiden dinghy cruise of 2016. The harbour gods looked down kindly and allowed a virtually perfect ‘three tack’ cruise to Bosham (see satellite track image) in little over an hour. The crews and patrol boat crew enjoyed the hospitality of the Anchor Bleu, ice cream van and the Mariners café! Once refreshed we all had another lovely sail home in slightly lighter breeze with many of the boats making good use of three sails.

Massive thanks to the ‘David’s’ (Edgar and Swift) who ably supported us in Fred West (I think they may have enjoyed it also!).

***Forthcoming dinghy cruising events***: Itchenor on the 8th May followed swiftly by the legendary DQSC ‘Cobnor camp’ on the 20-22nd May. Please sign up online now!!

Jonathan Wilburn

Bosham 2016 1

Bosham 2016 2

Bosham 2016 3

Bosham 2016 4

Bosham 2016 5

Bosham 2016 6

Bosham 2016 7

Bosham 2016 8