Dinghies Dinghy Racing Race Reports

Early Trophy Series Concludes as Longmore Continues

(Published in the Chichester Observer on Thursday 4 August 2016)

There was a good turnout for race 5 of the Dell Quay SC Longmore series, which took place in a steady force 3 wind. The asymmetric boats opened up a good lead due to the long downwind legs as the fleet made its way down harbour to the Longmore racing mark and turning point.

At the end of the first lap, Richard Ede (Solo) had just overtaken David Maltby (also Solo), but Maltby took the west side going back towards Longmore, whilst Ede took the east side. This was the wrong choice on behalf of Ede as Maltby rounded Westlands & Longmore marks ahead of Ede.

Both Maltby and Ede had a huge lead over the rest of the fleet making this very much a two horse race. Maltby held on to this advantage until the finish leaving Ede to take second place with Gideon and Gilly Ewers (RS 400) coming in third on handicap. Maltby currently leads the series.

Two boats started the final two races (9 and 10) of the Early Trophy handicap series with a chance of winning the trophy. Andrew Buchanan's Finn required two good results while the RS 400 of Rob Corfield and Chris Campbell needed a top three place to secure the series.

On the water Corfield and Campbell were able to make the most of the good reaching conditions to lead both races, followed by the other two fast boats, comprising Buchanan’s Finn and the RS 400 of Chris Rowsell and Jason Mortimer (RS400) who retired from race 9 with equipment problems.

The results for race 9, after handicap adjustments, were Buchanan first, Chris West (Laser) second and Sue Manning (Laser Radial) third. Manning took first place in race 10 followed by Simon Bell (RS Aero 5) and Corfield and Campbell third. Corfield wins the series and the Jack Lewis Trophy, with Buchanan second and Manning third.

Races 9 and 10 of the Early Trophy Solo series ran alongside the Handicap races with staggered starts. Roger Puttock wins the series and the Single Handed Trophy, with David Maltby second and John Purdy third.

Compiled by Andrew Horne with contributions from Rob Corfield and Richard Ede