Dinghies Dinghy Racing Race Reports

Challenging End to Late Trophy Series

(Published in the Chichester Observer on Thursday 27 October 2016)

The final 4 races of the DQSC Late Trophy series took place in a SW Force 4/5 wind, gusting to 6 at times. Later, torrential rain reduced visibility to the point where competitors struggled to see each other or the racing marks.

The forecast bad weather put many sailors off, such that only 3 boats lined up for the Handicap races.  All boats got away well and were relatively close up the beats.  Rob Corfield (RS 400) was forced to retire with a main halyard failure leaving Roger Francis and Lizzie Kies (Graduate) to take first place on handicap, followed by Chris Rowsall (RS 400).

For the second race Lawrence Kies joined the fleet in his Laser Pico. Corfield led at the start but once again suffered gear failure and was forced to retire. However, during the race a huge rain cloud arrived, with near biblical proportions and hailstones, forcing all but the Pico to retire. As the only finisher Kies was awarded first place on average laps.

Sue Manning wins the series and the Farwell Trophy, with Mike Fitzgerald and Tim Dormer second and Andrew Buchanan third.

In the first of the Solo races a number of boats went the wrong way round a mark and were disqualified, leaving Carol Andrews to take first place, with Mike Shaw second and Nikki Buchanan third. In the second race David Maltby got his mast stuck in the mud, allowing Shaw to take third place and so secure a series win overall and the Fortune Trophy. Second place in the series goes to Gordon Barclay with Nikki Buchanan third.