Victoria Class Sailing Instructions
The Sailing Instructions will be the same as those posted on the club website except that:
1) Racing rules will be as appendix E of the Racing Rules of Sailing
2) Official communication will be via e mail. Members may register with the committee to recieve these at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
3) Changes ro the sailing instructions will be posted in the clubhouse half an hour before the start
4) Starting signals will be verbal or sound and will be made in the vicinity of the boat control area
6) Race area / boat control area will generally be in vicinity of the club pontoon or balcony .
Courses will be displayed on the balcony or given verbally. The race officer may designate an alternative area should conditions demand it
7) The start line will be either between two marks or between one mark and a striped pole on the pontoon or balcony unless otherwise announced by the race officer
8)The finish line will be as the start line and will be crossed in the direction of the last mark unless otherwise announced by the race officer
9) Races may be shortened verbally and will then finish between the next mark and the race recorder's position or at the next crossing of the finishing line
11) Boats retiring will recieve points equal to the number of starters +1, boats not starting will recieve no points and may not count that race in a series
12) The time limit will be 3/4 hr. but may be extended at the race officers discretion
10 & 13) Disputes will be settled by an arbitrator appointed by the committee and the penalty for breaching a rule of part 2 will be 2 places
RRSA9 In a series of races boats may not count races for which they are not present
31) There will be no penalty for hitting a mark
Extra rules
Boats must comply with the class rules as set out on the club website / model section
except that boats may display numbers agreed with the committee on the mainsail and the class insignia may be omitted
*** Competitors are expected to comply with the RYA racing rules and should have a basic knowledge of these.
*** Competors are required to do their best to avoid collisions but should one occur or should a right of way
*** boat be forced to give way the boat at fault should perform a 360deg turn
Rules for 2019 series
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Handicap Series will consist of races held over a number of days
The number of races on each day is left to the discretion of the race officer depending on conditions but will take place in the
interval one hour either side of high water. The race officer will aim for a minimum of 4 and maximum of 7
On each day several races will be held and will form a mini series (50%+1 counting) competitors results in each of these will
be carried forward as results in the main series
Special one day series will consist of several races and will be completed on the day
For the overall Series a competitors best counting races from each of Spring, Summer and Autumn series, will count.