Welcome to the DQSC Social Pages

The House Committee are responsible for planning and running the club’s formal social calendar.  However, we welcome ideas for social events from members and encourage small groups of members to come together to run a social for the benefit of the rest of the club.

If you would like to discuss this further, or ask any questions about upcoming social events, please contact us via the email below.


House Duty
When you agree to do a House Duty for the club, please be aware that this will last approximately 5 hours. You will be expected to help in the galley with all that is necessary during your duty, such as food preparation, serving, washing up and clearing away.
You may also be asked to serve behind the bar, to take money using the electronic payment device.

We will always endeavour to accommodate people’s needs and ensure that you get a rest at some point. We ask you to be flexible so that the Galley Supervisor (GS) can coordinate the session to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
Please speak to one of the HC beforehand or the Galley Supervisor on the day if you have any concerns/ideas.
We try to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone, and look forward to you joining the team!

Bookings for Socials
The House Committee require members to book in advance for all social events, in order that we can effectively manage the catering. This means that there will be a ‘cut off’ for bookings which we will uphold. Book early to avoid disappointment!
Payment in advance is preferred.

Children aged 12 years and under, are on occasion offered a reduced rate.
The prices for each event will depend on the menu and style of event. All prices will be advertised with the menu.
We look forward to welcoming you at our Social Events!

We are looking to train more Galley Supervisors over the coming year.
If you enjoy galley duty, are interested in getting more involved with the club and would be happy to help coordinate volunteers in the galley at a racing/sailing event, please contact Sarah Eggleton 07974946997 or a member of the House Committee to discuss.