Dell Quay Sailing Club, Rally to Shepard's Wharfe Cowes.

13th-14th May 2107

I found out that Dick could not join this rally; John had sent an email to those who had signed up asking for a new leader so I said I would help out. After telephoning the marinas up the Medina, Shepard’s Wharf was the only one to answer, so the booking was made.

There were 5 boats signed up, but Richard and Mavis Crew-It had a launching problem and I suggested he joined Eric on White Magic who did not have a crew.

The weather for the weekend was favourable and off we set. The wind was mostly on the noise and there was a good tide against me making the trip down the harbour a very slow one. Once past West Pole I raised all sails but with one reef in. It was a very tight close haul to the gap in the barrier and from there the wind veered a bit making it even harder so the rest of the way was a motor sail.

When I got to Shepard’s Wharf I saw Frith was already tied up. We were asked to move to the south pontoon.




The next to arrive was Ian in Desiree, closely followed by Tony and crew in Blue Movie. I had heard Eric in White Magic on the VHF so we were now back to 5 boats. Eric arrived just as we were enjoying a drink and nibbles, he and Richard joined in.

We were unable to find a Pub to accommodate us but then saw the Chippy was still open so eight of us enjoyed what I would say was the best haddock and chips I have had for a long time. Tony, John and Sasha went for a drink whilst the rest of us walked to the sea front and back to the Island Sailing Club where we were made very welcome; we also found our DQSC burgee hanging from the walls. It was then time to turn in after a nightcap on board.

Sunday morning brought bright sunshine and a westerly wind F2 –F4.



The first boat left about 08:30, I slipped at 09:05 and had a brilliant down wind sail with goose winging and sailing just off a dead run with lots of gybing. I got back about 13:00 and had text message from the rest saying they were also back.

I would like to thank them for great company and a great weekend; it was just a shame that Dick had to pull out.     

Phil Scott

Friday’s Child