Wow! Where to start? I knew it would be a good one as 10 boats (which also included Cobnor ‘first-timers’) of all shapes and sizes sailed off in the evening  sun from Dell Quay just after six in a steady SSW force 2-3. Captains ‘hats off’ to two of the crews (both Wanderers) who had loaded all their camping gear and supplies for an overnight stay on the Friday.  Thanks to Angus and Antonia Panton the crews where safe in the knowledge that they had a Dell Bouy coming up the rear. Helped by the ebb tide the crews did well and most (very) happily made Cobnor just after 7pm. The draw of the water was too much for the junior contingent and lots took a cheeky sundowner dip (see photos).

It was time to pitch camp after that and the now familiar scene of Dell Quay club members colonising the majority of the northern corner of wood park was the usual Friday evening tonic. Food (thanks Rach P for feeding the masses with a never ending pot of Chilli!), drinks (plus a few more drinks), games and a campfire drew the evening to a relaxed conclusion.

Dawn on Saturday saw a hardy few take an early swim off the shore at Cobnor ( a delight repeated by a greater number on Sunday at the same time). Fry-up pans washed up it was time for many of the gang to sail to East Head in the blazing sun and light breezes. Some had work, school fetes (do they not realise that its the Cobnor Camp weekend!?) and other less desirable tasks to see to before returning late afternoon to squeeze in a sail to Bosham for an ice cream.

Saturday night at a DQSC camp really is a blend of the highland games and Glastonbury! True to form we had the electrifying kids v adults footy match (I think it was called a draw but more adults had injuries than kids so I reckon they have taken this year). I also think I saw the Commodore taking part but I may have dreamt it! Prior to that we also witnessed the inaugural Kids v adults tug ‘o war, a rare sight to see! It must have been 30 plus a side and it really is incredible how these things bring out the competitive streak in the most unsuspecting of members! I think the other campers were glad when that one ended and the racket abated!

The evening brought BBQs, drinks and the campfire ukulele jam! Yee ha! to that and massive thanks to Paula and Rach for ‘leading’ the tunes. Perhaps we will do the full Hawaiian thing next year to go with it?

After striking camp on Sunday morning lots of dinghies, kayaks and paddleboards enjoyed a cruise up to Pilsey Island. The rising tide allowed us to enter the Thorney channel without drawing too much mud as we cut the corner! After a picnic lunch and loads of fun in the water with the paddle boards and kayaks we flew back to Dell Quay on the tide.

Thanks to all who came and I hope to see even more ‘first-timers’ next year to add to the regulars!

Jon Wilburn
June 2017