Dinghies Dinghy Racing Race Reports

Race Report for Late Helm 1 and 2

(Published in the Chichester Observer on Thursday 27th July 2017)

A challenging and gusty force 4 to 5 wind greeted 16 entrants for the first two races of the DQSC general handicap Late Helm Series.

Andrew Buchanan sailing a Finn powered off from the start line and completed the first race with both line and handicap honours, sailing a great race and finishing a clear 5 minutes ahead of the chasing pack. After 1 hour and 3 laps of hard racing, and after applying the handicap, only 4 seconds separated Buchanan and Roger Puttock (Solo). Only 12 seconds separated the first 4 finishers in what proved to be a very close race.

Sue Manning had a terrific sail in her Laser 4.7, revelling in the screaming, planing, reaches and runs, to secure an excellent 3rd place. Chris West (Laser) battled with a broken kicking strap in some close on the water racing, with the 2 leading Solo's making it a tough race for him.

The second race took place in similar windy conditions with once again only 30 seconds separating the first 4 places. Andrew Buchanan again pulled ahead followed by West, who was now fully powered up having repaired his kicker and enjoying clear winds ahead of the chasing Solo's.

The two Solo's of Mark Harper and Roger Puttock were again locked in very close battle with only about 2 boat lengths ever separating the two. Harper continued to dominate the tough beats upwind but Puttock enjoyed the downwind legs to just overhaul Harper and win the race on handicap, with Harper second and West third.