Dinghies Dinghy Racing Race Reports

Large Turnout for Short Race Series Conclusion

(Published in the Chichester Observer on Thursday 10th August 2017)

The final 5 races of the DQSC short race series attracted 17 boats, ranging in size and speed from a Lymington Scow to an RS 800 high performance racing dinghy. The race officer set a short triangular course of 2 laps per race, taking into account the initially light and westerly wind conditions, on what turned out to be a very pleasant and sunny day’s racing.

The large turnout encouraged a lot of crowding on the start line, resulting in a general recall for two of the races, as many boats edged over the line too early. The size of the fleet ensured some interesting mark rounding as many boats fought for space and collisions were narrowly avoided.

In race 6 Andrew Buchanan (Finn) was first to cross the line but it was newcomer Martin Jones who took first place in his Solo, followed by Simon Verrall (Solo) and Chris Wood (Streaker). With the wind dropping away to almost nothing at times the race officer decided to shorten the course to one lap for the next 3 races. Fortunes changed rapidly between each race with Jones’ performance in particular standing out with two first places and one third place.

For races 9 and 10 the wind picked up considerably, providing some fast and exciting reaches and several capsizes in the gusty conditions. The final race was extended to 2 laps as the wind continued to grow.

The results for races 7 to 10 were. Race 7 – 1st Simon Verrall (Solo), 2nd Mike Shaw (Solo), 3rd Fred Hilgers (Solo). Race 8 – 1st Martin Jones (Solo), 2nd Mike Shaw (Solo), 3rd Chris Wood (Streaker). Race 9 – 1st Andrew Buchanan (Finn), 2nd Jean and Liz Sagues (Lymington Scow), 3rd Martin Jones (Solo). Race 10 – 1st Jean and Liz Sagues (Lymington Scow), 2nd Warwick Hoddy and John Denyer (2000), 3rd Sue Manning (Laser Radial).

Overall winner of the series and the Carriage Clock Trophy is Simon Verrall, with Mike Shaw second and Sue Manning third.

Andrew Horne