Darts Practice and Social

Friday 23rd March


As usual we have a social/practice session planned, Friday 23rd February, please come along even if you are not able to make the actual match day event.

New members are definitely welcome specially if you know your way around a Dart Board, we are sadly lacking in actual Dart skills. But even if you have not got a clue, come along anyway, the emphasis of this practice AND the actual competition is definitely more on the social that the competition!

Note: This year the actual match is at the Slipper club and is the following Friday the 30th of March.


Dinner will be available on practice day, if you would like to eat, please book so House Committee can plan accordingly.


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Country Braised Chicken and Rosemary dumplings
with rice and peas


followed by


Strudels and Custard


Lactose free, but not Gluten free




The same Casserole but with no Chicken


Price: £7.50