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Race Report for Final 2 Races of Early Trophy Series

(Published in the Chichester Observer on Thursday 24th May 2018)

The continuing bout of fine weather which graced the Royal Wedding greeted competitors in the final 2 races of the DQSC Early Trophy series the following day. The lack of wind however set a challenge for the race officer who set a simple short course incorporating the new Dell Quay racing mark named Kiln. The naming of the mark reflects the discovery of an ancient roman tile kiln at Copperas Point near Dell Quay in 1987.

There was sufficient wind to get the first race off to a decent start, allowing Mike Shaw (Solo) to make history by being the first to round the new racing mark. Shaw’s advantage was short lived however as fellow Solo sailors Simon Verrall and Mark Harper overtook Shaw to take first and second place respectively, leaving Shaw to settle for third in the Solo class race. In the handicap class race Andrew Buchanan led the field in his Finn to come in first. Roy Dyton turned in a good performance in his Streaker to clinch second place, leaving Jean and Liz Sagues in third place on handicap in their Lymington Scow.

In the second race the wind dropped off significantly making for a very slow start as boats limped slowly over the start line. Some competitors decided that continuing racing in these conditions was futile and retired but the rest stuck it out and were rewarded with a slight but improving breeze which allowed the race to complete. Results for the second race were:

Handicap Race: 1st Jean and Liz Sagues, 2nd Sue Manning (Laser 4.7), 3rd Roy Dyton

Sue Manning wins the series overall, with Andrew Buchanan second and Stephen Holcroft third

Solo Race; 1st Richard Ede, 2nd Richard Bridgmont, 3rd Simon Verrall

Roger Puttock wins the series overall, with Mark Harper second and Simon Verrall third.

Ethan Sparkes wins the Junior series overall, with Hazel Jones second and Ella Jones third.


New Kiln Racing Mark