A Perfect East Head Cruise

The promised sun, light breeze and perfect tide times tempted many members to sign up and turn up on Sunday 25th August for a ‘classic’ club bank holiday cruise to East head.

The conditions (and company) delivered a perfect day!
Crews arrived from 8am to prepare boats and load picnics and beach toys. After launching Mary Ross and a short briefing in the clubhouse sailors made a prompt getaway by 9am to catch the best of the neap ebb tide in the light SE morning breeze. It was great to have several cruisers (Ian S -Hurley 22, Jon Wilburn and family onboard the Potters lovely ‘Corinth’ plus a Cornish Shrimper and a Westerley Centaur) join over a dozen dinghies (Topper, Aero, Solo, Wanderers, Comet Duo, Wayfarers, Cornish Cormorant, Bosun). Over 30 members enjoyed a steady but fun sail to the soft sand and blue skies waiting for us at East Head arriving at various stages around mid-morning. Thanks to Andrew and Nikki Buchanan who supported the cruise as patrol helm and crew and so competently added to numerous beach boule tournaments!

Once at the beach ‘camp’ base was established near the dunes sunbathing, swimming, painting (very impressive Carole!) eating, sleeping soon took over. Younger members took to water for lots of swimming, paddleboarding  and ‘tow-style’ surfing using various boats and outboards! Thanks to Serge Braconi for coordinating some fantastic Anglo–French beach boule ‘match play’ and well done on some impressive skills!

After a delightful time it was time to set sail home in the late afternoon. The breeze had swung a little more southerly and increased slightly after an interesting sea fret rolled in. Crews were home and happy before 5.30pm and I did notice a drink being enjoyed in the glow of the evening sun outside the Crown and Anchor!

Dave Few kindly commented on what a great day it was but said that he remembered similar club events from many years ago with even greater numbers (he has subsequently sent photo evidence!) so I still want to see more of you next time!

Thanks to all who came to make this a memorable event!

Please enjoy the attached photos




See you next time
Jon Wilburn