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Dell Quay Rowing News - Spring 2021

Your Rowing Section Needs You.


Dear Dell Quay Rowers and Coxes

As we come to the first step of the roadmap out of lockdown we thought it worth just setting out how we see the Rowers getting back on the water with Rule of 6 applying from 29 March and in line with the overall DQ covid guidance. Please refer to DQ website and Rowing tab for most recent details including the Rowing section sub-group.

The Celtic Longboat with no name. The plan is once we’re back on the water we’re hoping to run a fund raiser and naming competition with the winning name announced at the DQ Club Regatta 26 June or at the DQ Row & Lunch Sat 21 August (also see DQ Local Rowing events below) . Good news is that we now have a smart new lightweight launching trolley to help make the boat even easier to get in and out at nearly all states of the tide!

Rowing Sessions. As well as Friday rowing sessions every week, which proved very popular pre-lockdown, we are trying to establish if there is demand for regular Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday sessions, and for WoW and BoB. Key to this is getting approved coxes allocated in advance. To help move this forward, could you please complete the table below or just email DQSC Rowing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to let us know if you are able and willing to cox for 1 or 2 Fridays each month. It is not feasible to cox 2 sessions on the same day. Please see below for cox training.


DateHWCox Session 1Cos Session 2Other Comments
(samples shown)
Friday 2 April (Easter) 16:05 13:30 Richard Bland 15.30   RB also maybe 5/4
Friday 9 April 11:40 09:10   11.10   RB possible
Friday 16 April 15:10 12:40   14.40    
Friday 23 April 09:20 08:50   N/A Only 1 session  
Friday 30 April 15:00 12:30   14:30    
Friday 7 May 10:20 09:50   N/A Only 1 session RB possible
Friday 14 May 14:20 11:50 Richard Bland 13.50   RB either session 1 or 2
Friday 21 May 20:10 17:40   N/A Only 1 session RB N/A
Friday 28 May 13:55 11:25   13.35    
Friday 4 June 20:25 17:55   N/A Only 1 session  
Friday 11 june 13:25 10:55   12:55    
Friday 18 June 18:35 16:05 Richard Bland 18:05    WoW & BoB
Friday 25 June 12:45 10:15   12.15    
Other days you may be available Please provide dates 2 April – 30 June
or indicate general availability
Wednesday RB ok Weds 31/3, 7/4, 19/5, 16/6  

As well as getting rowers on the water, the idea of the Friday sessions is to share the cox role as appropriate with both new (and those learning to cox) and experienced coxes to build confidence to handle the boat under a range of conditions, and also encourage more people to cox. Once we have responses back and some idea of availability of cox’s and we can then draw up outline rota for April, May and June, and then refresh this monthly. If you would like to train as a cox please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will aim to tailor courses accordingly (eg typically 5hrs spread over 2 Saturday or Sundays) or contact Richard Bland (Lead Cox) or Andy Morley (DQ Training Principal)

DQ Local Rowing Events (snapshot only- see overleaf for Three Harbours and other Events)
We’re aiming to get the DQ rowers, possibly including youth teams, to one or more of the local events below;

Wednesday 30th March - Relaunch Longboat
Friday 2nd April – First Friday 2021
Saturday 8th May - 5 mile timed run with Langstone Cutters (venue tbc)
Sunday 11 July Bosham Rock Up and Row (DQ to support if available)
Saturday 21 August DQ Row up the Creek & Picnic. (TBC) ;

Below is a list of Three Harbours upcoming events for 2021 (DRAFT)

 Sat 17 - Sun 18 April Northney Coastal Rowing Academy - Northney Coastal Rowing Event  
 Sat 1 May  Mengeham Rythe SC Gig group hosted - Mengeham SC
Mon 3 May Harbours Rowing Rally (provisional) - 3 Harbours Rowing
Tues 10 Mon 16 May Le Semaine du Golfe Morbihan - Le Semaine du Golfe Morbihan
Sun 15 May The Hamble River Raid - The Hamble River Raid
Sun 23 May Vogolonga, Venice - Vogolonga
Sat 5 June Ocean to City- An Rás Mór - Ocean to City
Sun 6 June ECA Cockleshell Challenge - Eastney Cruising Association
Sat 12 Sub 13 June Bembridge Gig Fest - Bembridge Harbour Events Likely to be rescheduled
Sat 25 Sun 26 June Dell Quay Sailing Regatta to include Rowing taster - Dell Quay Sailing Regatta
Sat 26 June Coastal Rowing Academy hosts a short racing around a circuit at Northney - Coastal Rowing Academy
Sun 27 June Round Hayling Rowing Race - Round Hayling Rowing Race
Sun 11 July BOSHAM SAILING CLUB'S ROCK UP AND ROW - to include coastal and fixed seat rowing, ocean rowing and much more. DQ to support if possible
Sat 21 August Dell Quay Row up the Creek with Picnic on the Pontoon (tbc)
Sun 11 September Castle to Crane, Scotland - Castle to Crane
tbc September. The Great River Race - The Great River Race
Fri 30 Sept World Pilot Gog Championships Isle of Scilly - World Pilot Gig Championships
Sat 1 - Mon 3 Oct World Rowing Coastal Championships, Oeiras, Portugal - World Rowing Coastal Championships